Tripadvisor Best Indian Restaurant in Slough With Gourmet Food & Kite Festival

One of Tripadvisor's Best Voted Indian Restaurants in Slough Celebrates Gourmet Food & Kite Festival

The Indian Courtyard will be hosted it’s inaugural kite festival on Saturday 15th August to celebrate Indian independence. Food enthusiasts, kite lovers and all local residents were invited to take part in the fun activities, great food and party atmosphere. Find out how to book tickets and reserve a place for events at the Indian Courtyard throughout the Summer;

The Indian Courtyard are dedicated to keeping the tradition alive by sharing celebratory food and drink from the birth of the Indian nation with the population of Slough. It proved to be a cultural extravaganza that showcased the best of music, dance, food, and fun from the Indian subcontinent.

When asked about the reasons behind creating this event, the host of the event and owner, Rishi said: “This has been a wonderful opportunity to celebrate one of India’s greatest traditions while celebrating the Independence of our country. We will had special food made available to mark this occasion”

Kite flying is believed to have come to South Asia from China thousands of years ago, and became a popular competitive sport in the Mughal empire; there are epic poems from the 1400s that recount battles. The Afghan love of kite fighting is the backdrop for the popular novel The Kite Runner.

In India, the dance and swoop of the kite became a metaphor for freedom with the ousting of the British. Similarly, Afghans launched their kites to the sky to mark the overthrow of the Taliban, who had banned kites completely. Today, Indians consider mass kite flying a way of demonstrating pride in independence, as explained by locals, who come from an ancient kite-making-and-battling family in Rajasthan.

The The Indian Courtyard ‘s webiste has information on forthcoming events as well as details on how to get down to enjoy a culinary experience like no other in Slough. Please see here;

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