Trip & Fall and Slip & Fall Accident Attorney Bronx NYC Personal Injury Lawyer

Slipping and falling is a very common injury and cause for visiting the ER. Persons who have been injured tripping, slipping, and falling should seek medical advice and legal counsel.

According to the Center for Disease Control and prevention, slip and fall accidents are some of the most frequently occurring personal injury cases in the United States. Of course not every single incident that is a trip and fall or slip and fall accident will lead to a settlement in court, and it’s important for the average person to know what their course of action should be should they have a trip and fall or slip and fall accident in the state of New York.

One of the top recognized experts in New York City for handling these sorts of cases is Richard M. Kenny. The NYC Slip And Fall Injury Law Office of Richard M. Kenny can be reached at his website or by calling 212-421-0300.

Around 2.3 million trips to the emergency room are caused by slip and fall accidents every single year in the United States. They account for around 15% of all workplace injuries, and over two million of these Falls occur due to unsafe flooring surfaces, which can include broken or chipped floor surfaces like tile, as well as wet and slippery floor surfaces, and floor surfaces that are not clearly marked as changing elevation. One in four workers compensation settlements or do to a slip-and-fall injury, and these injuries can have both minor and major repercussions. They can lead to permanent damage, bone fracturing, and brain injury. In New York City, it’s estimated that the average slip and fall settlement for a personal injury case is a little under $800,000.

Working with a personal injury attorney who is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in the realm of slip and fall and trip and fall accidents is paramount to getting a good settlement, and as always retaining an attorney starts with a consultation. The Bronx Trip & Fall Injury Law Office of Richard M. Kenny can be reached at his website or by calling 212-421-0300, and they provide a completely free consultation To anyone injured in New York City due to a trip and fall or slip and fall accident. A spokesperson for Mr. Kenny’s office shared the following comment:

“There are a number of factors that you need to bear in mind if you have been injured in a trip and fall or slip and fall accident. One of the most pressing of course is making sure that if you think you have a case you speak with an attorney as soon as possible because quite often there is a very short window of opportunity where you can even go to court. New York City has a statute of limitations that is shorter than a year or two, depending upon the party who would be named in the suit. In that time, the individual wishing to file the lawsuit needs to make that person aware of the fact that they are intending to file and then they need to file the lawsuit. Navigating all of the ins-and-outs of injury lawsuits in New York City can be incredibly difficult, and that’s exactly why you need to speak to an attorney who knows what they’re doing. Fortunately, we provide a free consultation to anyone in New York City, including the boroughs of Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens. All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call and you can be connected very quickly to an attorney to discuss whether or not you have a case. Always, seek medical attention first. That is the number one most important thing, to make sure that your health is taken care of, and doesn’t decline rapidly due to lack of care. Plus, if you are going to bring a case oh, you need to have documentation of the injury anyway. Once you’ve sought out medical attention, however, your next step should be always to call a personal injury Law Firm that specializes in trip and fall and slip and fall accidents, like us.”

The law office of Richard M. Kenny has been listed as one of the top injury law firms in all of New York City and New York State, and he has personally prepared over a thousand cases for trial and won over a hundred million dollars for his clients. The Brooklyn Trip & Fall Injury Attorney Office of Richard M. Kenny can be reached at his website or by calling 212-421-0300.

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