Trinity Business Blessing A Community Powered Business Opportunity

Trinity Business Blessing, A Community Powered Business Opportunity, is able to provide measurable financial benefits within local communities - it's accomplished by triggering the Trinity effect.

Small Business Rescuer a div. of ONeill Enterprises Inc. is pleased to announce Trinity Business Blessing, A Community Powered Business Opportunity. It supports traditional Business, Work From Home Entrepreneurs, and Community Institutions. The new product, The Trinity Business Blessing, is being built from the ground up. It’s designed to support local communities in a holistic way by triggering the Trinity effect. The overview video can be found here

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Small Business Rescuer has created the Trinity Business Blessing from the ground up. It allows communities to:

Leverage a Community’s Trinity group community members. There are three core distinct groups that make up a community’s Trinity. The first of the Trinity groups can be classified as community institutions. Within community institutions are schools, hospitals, religious and non-profit groups, government infrastructure, food banks etc. These groups provide tremendous benefits to local communities and the stronger they are from both a management and financial standpoint, the better equipped they are to deliver positive results at a community level. The Trinity Business Blessing incorporates this group into the overall Trinity Business Blessing, Business Opportunity.

The second group in the Trinity core is the traditional business community. Traditional, in the sense that these businesses operate from brick and mortar locations, they have employees and they have customers. Examples of the core businesses are large community businesses like factories or processing plants. These are members of this trinity group however, they’re not the main focus of the Trinity Business Blessing, Business Opportunity. The primary focus is geared towards smaller community businesses like hair salons, dry cleaners, fitness centers, etc. The total number of niches that have been identified is ninety six. These small businesses are affected the most when local or national tragedy strikes. The Trinity Business Blessing, Business Opportunity focuses on leveraging their community asset, their customers in a way that empowers all the members of the Trinity.

The third Trinity group in the Trinity core are entrepreneurs. The number of people making up this category is growing at a tremendous rate. Entrepreneurs are responsible for building America. Entrepreneurs are a group of people that live life without a safety net. They are the rare group that takes an idea and makes it into a reality, often risking all to make something unproven become a reality. Well known members of this group include Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Folorunsho Alakija and Gina Rinehart. This group of Men and Women have literally changed the lives of billions of people. Trinity Business Blessing’s focus however, is on the newer less famous entrepreneurs, many of whom have moved into this classification out of necessity. The Trinity Business Blessing Business Opportunity empowers entrepreneurs by putting them into a position to use their skills and determination to assist members of the entire Trinity.

Opportunities for increased wealth, improved health, and community prosperity are present for all members of the Trinity. The start of the cycle begins with the entrepreneurs seeking a business opportunity. The Trinity Business Blessing, The Community Powered Business Opportunity gives the entrepreneur the ability to offer the owner of a small business or even another entrepreneur the Trinity Business Blessing concept. Once the Small Business Owner Enrolls or another Entrepreneur enrolls, they’re appointed as an Authorized Health Center for Simplized Health. They’re given the right to give all their customers and connections a free membership into the Simplized Health’s Health and Weight Management Membership program. This step brings factions from all three of the Trinity member groups together on one platform. Both the entrepreneurs and the small business owners can introduce the Trinity concept to group one Trinity member. A local church is a good example. The Church could offer their congregation a free membership into Simplized Health’s Health and Weight Management membership. The result is the Trinity effect. All three groups gain a measurable benefit at a local community level. The entrepreneur, the small business owner and the Church all have the potential to generate revenue when their members order any of the recommended, health related products found inside of the Simplized Health Membership. The most appealing element of the Trinity Business Blessing is the majority of the money generated stays inside the local community providing benefits for all members of the Trinity. This is known as the Trinity effect.

The greater community benefit comes from the everyday members inside of Simplized Health’s membership platform. Virtually every human being would willingly give the gift of health to another, even a stranger, if it was easy and without cost. The sharing element is built inside of the Simplized Health Membership. Members that aren’t associated with the business opportunity, (90%) and don’t get paid, are encouraged to share and offer the free Simplized Health Membership with friends, family and even strangers. They do so out of love and care for others. When they do members of the Trinity, that are part of the Trinity Business Blessing, benefit financially. This is the Trinity effect.

Dori O’Neill, Founder, CEO, is eager to share the Trinity Business Blessing concept with communities across the United States, Canada and eventually the world. The Trinity concept is as old as time and now has been put into a form that can trigger the Trinity effect over and over in local communities everywhere.

“Small Business Rescuer a div. of ONeill Enterprises Inc. is looking for practical feedback that will allow the company to make specific improvements to the Trinity Business Blessing Business Opportunity concept. Having an online membership platform that features advanced communications technology incorporated inside of the platform, gives us the potential to expand beyond health and weight management.”

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