Trilamanila – Road to Coding for Beginners Documented Blog Style Revealed 2019

Trilamanila Road to Code blogging journey is a testament to one mans dedication to create a new life in the emerging world of Code development. The future is Coding the machines that will replace all of us.

The Road To Code is a blog about a 24-year-old new father Joncin Picol’s and his journey of learning how to code as a self-taught coder.

Day by day he would Blog and Vlog about new things he was learning.

Joncin said that “The reason for this methodology was to constantly be talking and writing about coding to retain the information. The disadvantage of not being in a traditional schooling system or coding boot camp, offered me a way to think outside the box and take advantage of my entrepreneurial drive to self educate as an alternative.”

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Joncin is a father of two, working a full-time low level blue collared job and a part-time job overnight every weekend. His only day off every week is on Sundays, but it’s only half of Sunday since he gets out of work at 7 AM every Saturday and Sunday.

The point of his blog to make a career change into something he is passionate about, which is to become a World Builder as a developer.

However, his busy work schedule and being a father didn’t discourage him from learning how to code. While at work he would daydream about being a successful developer. In order to do that he would listen to YouTube videos and uDemy courses about coding throughout the workday.

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Inspirational Drive and a trip into the Way Back Machine.

Blogging about a learning journey is not a new idea. Mr. Picol said that this idea came to him after watching Julie and Julia with his girlfriend. The movie is about a blogging success story of Julie Powell completing 524 recipes in 365 days out of the classic “Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume 1,” in her tiny apartment kitchen.

Julie Powell’s success story was in 2003 in the early days of blogging. Her success ultimately leads to her getting a book published and a movie made about her blogging journey as well.

Mr. Picol says that “The Road To Code blog is far from the traffic and viewers Mrs. Powell’s acquired over the years, but the Internets nature demanding personal drive to create content still remains true”.

He continues with this statement by pointing out the fact that social media influencers now have more viewers/subscribers than mainstream media.

He states that more and more average Joe personalities are able to amass more influence than multi-million mainstream media outlets.

They will need the business tools similar to these giants. As a developer, we are able to create tools to give power to these individuals. Mr. Picol also says that when the robot takes our manual labor jobs he wants to be able to program robots for this transition.

Either way, he is confident in his long term outlook on learning how to code.

Ultimately Mr. Picol is looking to get hired as a developer. He continues his blogging to Road to Code and will continue to keep learning more languages and frameworks.

He is also creating more pet projects for a portfolio like creating his own Brand, building e-commerce websites, and creating sales funnels for SEO services.

Just creating and enjoying the skills learned from the journey so far. He hopes to inspire anyone that wants to learn how to code that it is possible no matter who you are.

For now we will continue to watch his coding journey.

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