Trifecta Kennels Offers Event to Enlighten Dog Owners on Proper Training Needed

Trifecta Kennels is holding an event to enlighten dog owners on the proper training needed. Advanced obedience instructor, Mare Heartmen, will offer an introduction to dog training programs and classes for pet owners and their families on Saturday, February 16 at 1:00 PM.

Trifecta Kennel’s advanced obedience instructor, Mare Heartmen, will offer an introduction to dog training programs and classes for interested owners and families on Saturday, February 16 at 1:00 PM. The presentation will cover all levels of instruction offered at Trifecta Kennels from basic puppy obedience to rally training for competitive events. Cost of the presentation is $5 per family.

For many dog owners, much needed training evolves into a fun hobby to enjoy with their 4-legged friends. In addition to dog boarding and grooming services, Trifecta Kennels offers both group classes and private instruction for dog owners and their families.

According to Trifecta owners Lisa Kane and Grace Mondrosch, “Our goals when working with dog owners via the training programs is to help them enhance the human dog relationship, so that both the human and the dog can prosper from a lifelong rewarding human-dog interaction. This is a passion of ours, developed over the past 30 years. We want both the dog and the human to thrive together.” Trifecta offers a number of specific programs that Saturday’s class will touch on.

The Puppy Program is for dogs 12 weeks to 6 months. It is a 6 week puppy class that is informative and motivational in content. It is designed to help owners and pups communicate with each other. The Late Starters Class is for dogs 6 months and up. 6 weeks in length, and designed to help owners regain/maintain control over their young adult canine companions.

Rally and AKC Obedience is a class for students trying to take placements at trials. Students learn to train their dog to a competitive level, and learn to become successful handlers in the ring. Agility classes are also offered in early spring through early winter/late fall.

Private obedience sessions are another a popular offering and are ideal for circumstances like: obtaining a new older dog, or even a puppy and falling between the normal classes offered.

Trifecta and their instructors also offer videos such as “Learning the Come Command” and “Place Training”. The come command can be a lifesaver for a canine. It will work at a distance, and when the dog is distracted, such as when chasing a cat. Many dog owners don’t know they can have fun with their dog while teaching the foolproof all important come command.

The goal of Place Training is to have a spot or a place that the dog recognizes as being his/her designated location. Trifecta uses positive teaching methods to teach this important skill. This skill has many practical applications. For example, it aids human meal time so the dog is not begging for food. Another example is when company or delivery persons come and the dog is overly excited (whether it be friendly excitement or not). This skill set is included in all of the Trifecta training programs from puppyhood to therapy dog and aggression work.

Trifecta Kennels believes and teaches an obedient and well-trained dog is a happy dog. To reserve a seat at the special presentation, contact Trifecta Kennels.

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