Trifecta Kennels Offering Expanded Services Under New Ownership in 2021

Trifecta Kennels in Gilbert, PA is under new ownership. Owner Eugene Babenko purchased it largely due to the 6 acre grounds being an ideal spot for dog boarding, daycare, and grooming. New services like playcare and access to the dog park are being added.

Longtime area dog boarding and daycare facility Trifecta Kennels in Gilbert, PA is under new ownership. The new owner Eugene Babenko recently purchased the business with it’s large 6 acre grounds as an ideal spot for dog boarding and daycare as well as new services being added.

The business was founded in 1979 and has been an area mainstay for dog services for over 40 years, so it has clearly stood the test of time. The former owners decided to sell during the covid pandemic which largely restricted travel for over a year, thereby stopping people from boarding their dogs.

Now that the restrictions are lifted, many people are traveling again and boarding their dogs while they take trips to other states and countries for work, vacation, and pleasure. This gave new owner Babenko opportunity to grow the longtime business and provide new offerings to it’s patrons. Notably thought was given to keeping the dog owners and their dogs safe from the pandemic and other outbreaks. A new air purification system was recently installed by Advanced IAQ Solutions that has been field tested to remove viral clouds containing covid and canine kennel cough.

Babenko shared, “I saw the place and fell in love with it. I’m a dog owner myself, and I train and keep my pups here. I saw the great open space they have for the dogs and had a vison to make it into more. Now with people traveling again and businesses open, we can do that.”

Trifecta’s caring staff of dog lovers has always offered boarding and daycare, but now the dog park is accessible for customers to visit with their dogs as well. As always dog training is available, and more fun events are being planned for people to share with their dogs. Food will now also be available on premises, and short term playcare is being offered as well for those who need to have their dog watched for a a few hours while they run important errands like picking up their kids or food shopping at the nearby Kinsley’s Shoprite.

According to Babenko, “I’m most excited to be in the area. I’ve spent a lot of time in the area myself, so I know our location is convenient and accessible for both Pocono and Lehigh Valley residents. We keep upgrading the facility and are really infusing a lot of energy into it. We will be adding events and clubs. We’re really just working hard to create a new space for you to be with your dog and not just drop your dog off. The dog park and dog playcare service will be all new additions to the kennel.”

For those wanting to learn more about Trifecta Kennels or visit the facilities for the dog park, dog training, grooming, boarding, or daycare services, they can be contacted at 610-681-4521 or by email at The following video link also includes more information.

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