Trifecta Gets Approval from the American Kennel Club (AKC)

Grace Mondrosch of Trifecta Kennels was recently given the distinction of being approved for Canine Good Citizen testing by the AKC. The coveted certification is a rather rare distinction. AKC recognition is only given when trainers demonstrate a consistent mastery of nationally recognized standards.

Trifecta Kennels recently gained the distinction of being approved for Canine Good Citizen testing by the nationally know American Kennel Club or AKC. This is significant because it requires a high level of trust and experience to obtain. The coveted certification is a distinction that is not easily given. AKC recognition is given when trainers demonstrate a mastery of nationally recognized standards for canine training.

The AKC grants the certification based on the individuals experience. Grace Mondrosch has 25 years experience as a professional dog trainer and judge for retriever field trials. By granting approval the AKC recognizes the excellent pass rate for her students at Therapy Dog tests and various other AKC events. Also, Grace has won numerous AKC awards for the performance of personal dogs.

“Trifecta Kennels is very proud to announce that my co-owner and trainer Grace Mondrosch has received approval by the American Kennel Club to perform testing in several of their canine training programs. This is a big honor for us”, said co-owner Lisa Kane.

Grace Mondrosch has earned AKC approval for Canine Good Citizen testing and other testing that fall within that category such as the Star Puppy Program and the Urban dog testing. Trifecta Kennels is pleased to be able to now offer these AKC programs to local dog owners.

Trifecta Kennelsde selection of canine obedience training classes for families who realize the importance of having a well trained dog. Trifect provides both group classes and private lessons in everything from puppy obedience to agility training for competition.

In addition to training, Trifecta offers canine boarding, doggy daycare, and complete dog grooming services.

According to Trifecta’s advance obedience instructor Mare Heartmen, “Our goals when working with dog owners via the training programs is to help them enhance the human dog relationship so that both the human and the dog can prosper from a lifelong rewarding human-dog interaction.”

For more information about the AKC testing or to register for classes call Trifecta Kennels at 610-681-4521.

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