Trek Pants Softshell Nylon Lightweight Rough Terrain All Weather Pants Launched

Travdevil announces the launch of their new soft-shell climbing, hiking and trekking pants. These are all-weather pants that are lightweight and made of a polyester and nylon fabric. The material incorporates the Gore-Tex technology which provides maximum water protection and allows sweat to dry quickly.

Online retail store Travdevil announces the launch of their soft-shell pants which can be used for hiking, camping or trekking. The pants are available in a a range of colors and sizes. They are made of a unique material that provides protection from rain and provides warmth. The pants are also breathable and allow sweat to dry easily and not remain in contact with the wearer’s skin.

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Outdoor activity enthusiasts participate in all kinds of terrain and environments, from harsh deserts to icy mountains, to tropical and steamy tropical lands. Therefore the clothes that are worn need to be able to provide the maximum comfort and protection without adding weight. Pants that are too thin do not provide adequate warmth and thick heavy pants add weight and cause sweat to pool against the skin, causing irritation and discomfort. The Travdevil soft-shell pants are full length pants that taper toward the end providing protection against insects and thorns and the like. The closure is with a zippered fly to provide comfort and easy operation even in pitch black conditions.

The Travdevil soft-shell pants are made of polyester and nylon, fabrics that can withstand a lot of wear and tear while being lightweight and providing protection from water. The uniqueness of the pants lies in the use of Gore-Tex technology in the material. Gore-Tex is a laminate membrane that repels water to a very high degree. Another property is that it allows sweat to pass through from the inside and dries very quickly. It is lightweight and meant for all-weather use in outer garments.

The Travdevil soft-shell pants provide protection from scratches and scrapes even on the toughest terrain. They are designed to keep the wearer warm, dry and comfortable under every climatic condition. For more information and to place an order, visit the website at the link provided above.

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