Tree Service Companies in Denver, CO Offer Snow Removal Services During Winter

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Denver Tree Companies provide snow removal services during the cold winter months because trees are dormant and tree services in Denver are already prepared with equipment and staff.

During the cold, snowy winter months in Denver, CO, many local Tree Services offer snow removal as part of their services. Ken Zuber, CEO of Environmental Tree Care, LLC explains why. You can learn more about their snow plowing services at

“During the months of extreme cold temperatures and heavy snows, trees and other woody plants go dormant. It is best to prepare trees beforehand so that when they are covered with heavy snows, bigger limbs that may be subject to breaking, don’t snap off under the weight of snow.”

Because it is not the ideal time to perform regular tree maintenance, such as tree trimming, pruning and pest control, many tree companies have invested in snow plows and other equipment in order to offer a service to existing and new customers.

Snow plow services are a natural extension of tree services as many local tree care companies already have large trucks which can easily be retrofitted with plows.

Contrary to popular opinion, it does not snow in Denver, CO as much as you think it might. Snow accumulation higher up in the Rockies can be epic, nearly every single year. Snowfall in Denver however is hit and miss. When it does snow in Denver, the snows can be heavy and wet. Normally, the sun warms following a storm and the snows melt away. But not always. If temperatures remain cold, as they are expected to do in 2018-2019, snow accumulation in Denver and the Front Range can indeed be an issue.

Entire neighborhoods can be locked in during such times, which is why it is important to remove the snow as quickly as possible. While municipalities provide excellent service in the Denver area, sometimes, there is just to much demand for the supply of equipment.

This is why private companies, like Environmental Tree Care, LLC are important to keep Denver moving during such times.

If you need a reliable snow plow company in Denver, check out ETC at their website at: or call them at (303) 368-8454. They have been removing Denver snow from parking lots to driveways since 2004.

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