Travel Trailers Upgrade The Camping Experience For Consumers

With the upgrades available in today's travel trailers, consumers have more opportunities to experience the joys of camping with the comforts of home. To learn more, visit

As the spring camping season approaches, the latest innovations in travel trailers, motorhomes, campers, and tent trailers have been on display at the local Saskatoon RV shows, with the most recent one wrapping up just over two weeks ago at Prairieland Park. In a recent article by CKOM news, the campers of 2018 experience the latest in ‘glamping’ when they upgrade to a new model—as they note, “these aren’t the campers of your childhood”.

At Prairieland Park, the latest upgrades were on full display, showing just how far RV-ing and camping in general have come since they were popularized years ago. A local Saskatoon dealer called Lardners Trailer Sales cannot believe the upgrades that are available now, compared to when the business began back in the 1960s.

“It’s amazing”, said a representative from the dealership. “When Lardners first went into business in the 1960s, the fanciest option on a trailer was a sliding bed—now consumers are able to customize their camping experience based on their preferences, adding things like televisions, outdoor cooktops and ranges, upgraded premium upholsteries including leather finishes, heated motorhome steering wheels, marble countertops, and full-sized beds rather than the slide-outs with their foldable mattresses of the past”.

With all the upgrades, camping as consumers know it has slowly yet surely been upgraded to something more akin to ‘glamping’, a portmanteau of ‘glam’ and ‘camping’ for the uninitiated. However, for those who yearn for a ‘true’ camping experience, there are still options. And good news for those who prefer the simpler times: these options, which do still extend beyond just a tent, are substantially cheaper. Travel trailers are just one option, and the lower end models that Lardners offers in addition to the fancier, add-on models, suit lower-key campers just fine.

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Source: CKOM

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