Travel SEO Specialist TSM530 Introduces New Blogger Outreach Service

Given the fact that a large percentage of holidays are booked online means that Australian and UK travel firms are looking for new ways to promote themselves online. Travel SEO firm TSM350 has launched a new blogger outreach service in response to this growing demand

There are tens of thousands of travel firms out there and the majority of forward thinking firms have a website, so there is a lot of competition for the business from holidaymakers, flight bookers and a myriad of other related services. Numerous studies show that the vast majority of online purchases are made from websites that appear on the first page of the search results.

TSM530 has been promoting travel websites for their clients since the start of the web. They have been operating in the online and offline marketing sector for 20 years or more. Over that time, they have seen demand for their services grow and grow. However to stay at the forefront of the internet marketing industry they have had to adapt to the new landscape that search engines are using to decide which sites to rank.

Consumers tend to click on the first few search results, top 3 to be precise, and if they find what they want there, they buy from those websites. That means the firms ranked on the first page of the search results, are likely to get the majority of the business; and this is where TSM530 can help with their new blogger outreach service.

For more information about TSM’s blogger outreach services please click here.

According to TSM’s chief strategist Pete Hudd-Evans “The new blogger outreach service was developed in response to continual algorithm updates, and the fact that quality content is, and always will be king. It’s simple, in order to get ahead, sites need links, surrounded by quality content that is posted onto legitimate and relevant authority sites”

To the search engines, links from other sites in the industry or related industries such as tourist attractions, travel insurance and other travel related services is a sign that the travel company is legitimate and well respected within travel industry; very similar to a vote.

A great way to get such links is with blogger outreach, Peter Hudd-Evans further explained how the new service works:

“For firms that use our blogger outreach service, TSM530 will write a well researched article on the clients behalf, then find a magazine quality, authority website to post the content onto. Embedded within the article will be a link to the clients website.” This arrangement is a win for both parties. The travel firm gets much needed links, brand mentions and potential traffic, and the website owner gets good quality, niche related content for free.

Given the fact that blogger outreach can offer brand recognition, quality backlinks and potential customers, TSM350 expects to see great demand for this service. You can find out more about the new service here.

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