Travel Pandemic Safety Kit Face Masks Disinfecting Wipes Vinyl Gloves Released

A travel Kit for the prevention of COVID-19 and other deadly pathogens has been launched by the safe source It contains 2 disposable face masks, 8 Wipes, and 1 pair of gloves., the leading distributor of COVID-19 prevention products has launched a travel kit. The kit includes the items travelers need to maintain safety and health while traveling.

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The launch of this kit was prompted after the owner of the company spent several hours going from store to store attempting to put together the items he needed to protect himself in the COVID-19 pandemic. He subsequently contracted with a supplier to make this innovative kit available for others like himself with a few simple and safe online clicks.

This disease-preventing kit includes 2 disposable face-covering face masks, 8 cleaning Wipes, and 1 pair of vinyl Gloves. It may easily be carried in a car, truck, train, plane, or ship. The creator recommends that everyone have this kit or one that is comparable and never leaves home without it. has priced this kit so people can keep one handy in multiple locations such as in the car in the glove compartment of all vehicles. Keep one in purses, pocketbooks, bags, and briefcases when traveling by airplane.

The 8 disinfecting cleaning wipes may be used to clean surfaces, hand rests and other areas that may have been touched by others and the vinyl gloves should be used when wiping surfaces for additional safety.

This mouth and nose face mask kit was manufactured by Perfect Life Ideas. The face masks are uniquely designed with comfortable elastic ear loops, they are extra-soft so they eliminate pressure on the ears. The inner layer is made of soft facial tissue, no dye, and gentle to the the wearer’s skin.

In addition to protection from the Coronavirus, bacteria, and other deadly toxins in the air, the face mask also protects people pollutants and allergens, including pet allergens. Three protective layers purify every breath and keep the air entering the user’s lungs as sterile as possible.

As this protective kit is launched everyone is encouraged to obtain as many as they and their loved ones need.

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