TransTech Offers A Variety Of CDL Training Services in NC

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TransTech announced a variety of training courses, designed for a plethora of drivers. More information can be found at

TransTech has announced its state-of-the-art CDL training certifications, offering a plethora of certifications and licenses to obtain. Courses ranging from CDL certifications to refreshers courses, TransTech offers many classes to ensure driver safety. To learn more about these services visit today!

One of the many services TransTech offers is the innovative CDL Testing Center. Through three convenient locations, each testing center is equipped with many different exams including, Class A-C Classified Training and Class A-B CDL Training. Each certification is designed for different vehicles. The testing center is equipped with rental vehicles to use and the ability to bring a vehicle. The center allows individuals to schedule appointments in advance.

TransTech also offers Corporate Driver Training, designed to tackle company-specific training courses. Each course provides efficient results while limiting risks. The Corporate Driver Training course helps companies understand the safety precautions while operating a vehicle and how to properly operate many different vehicles. Each company will receive a certificate of completion, training reports, CDL skills examinations, and insurance documentation. The TransTech Corporate Driver Training Course will help companies increase their driver awareness.

Lisa Walden, General Manager at TransTech, when asked about many different features of TransTech said:

“Each service we offer is the best in North Carolina. We provide drivers with all the equipment and training they need to get out on the road. Safety is our first priority and here at TransTech we value training drivers to be cautious and safe.”

TransTech offers many different services designed to help drivers become certified in many different courses. Firm on the foundation of safety and creative development, TransTech is ready to help prepare the way for the future of drivers!

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