TransTech NC Truck Driver Training CDL Testing Leader Releases New App

TransTech, a leading truck driving and CDL school in North Carolina, has announced the release of their new Trans Tech CDL app. The app is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

TransTech, a leading truck driver training and CDL school in North Carolina, recently announced the release of the TRANSTECH APP. The app can be downloaded now from the App Store or Google Play. To find it in either platform, enter the search query Trans Tech CDL.

The Trans Tech CDL app, which is free to download, offers detailed program information to ensure student success. No subscription is required, and it features the following:

1. Real-Time carrier recruiting information which will allow prospective students, enrolled students, and past graduates to stay engaged and find employment opportunities from the 50+ partnered carriers of TransTech.

2. Allows prospective students the ability to access our locations, find out more information, and answer questions regarding training and funding.

3. Allows enrolled students to access training data that will assist in their education.

4. Provide the industry and community with the latest TransTech news what is occurring, why it is occurring, and how this information benefits both the driver and the carrier.

5. Students, both enrolled and graduated, will be able to communicate together to find out what is working and what needs improving in the industry of a professional driver.

TransTech has partnered with TopGradU and Cypress Truck Lines to design and offer the new Trans Tech CDL app to anyone but they also want to hear from you! While the belief is that the new app will provide substantial information, TransTech also understands that a tool is only as useful as it is utilized. So, they want to hear from you. Download the new Trans Tech CDL App, play around with it, and provide feedback.

TransTech is the only CDL School in the nation offering this opportunity, and they are excited for them and their students to take this ride together.

To learn more about TransTech and their upcoming classes, visit their website at

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