Transparency In Startups Increases Productivity Report Launched

Adaptively, a SaaS that will allow full optimization of your website​, announced a new analysis and report on successful business transparency. The report features transparency decisions that have helped businesses, as well as interviews with business owners who are leading a transparent business.

Adaptively, a SaaS that allows users to edit any website or landing page and will instantly create matching ads, launched a new report on successful business openness and transparency strategies that have helped different online businesses become more successful.

Their study along with the interviews with business owners who are leading a transparent business for further information on the subject can be found here:

The fast emergence of the internet and the enormous extent to which it has affected all major areas of everyday life has had an important impact on business management as well. With more and more direct contact between businesses and the larger public, the internet clients have helped facilitate client-business communication and have increased the public’s expectations.

The new Adaptively report discusses the strategic importance of business transparency and openness for promoting growth and overcoming difficulties. The report analyses a variety of companies that have made successful decisions to become more open towards the larger public by presenting internal decision processes, management plans and more.

GitLab is one of the companies that has decided to use strategic transparency to promote market confidence. By deciding to broadcast live their database repair process, the company has seen a surge in public support and a boost in confidence.

Buffer is another company that has set important standards when it comes to strategic openness. The company has taken significant business transparency decisions such as revealing the salary formula or the fund-raising process. Start-ups have followed the Buffer model in revealing more of their internal decisions to build more consumer confidence.

As well as giving examples of the companies that have successfully employed strategic openness as an important business philosophy (such as Moz, Hubspot, Baremetrics and others), the report also features interviews from some business owners and marketing strategists who discuss the importance of strategic transparency for business growth.

The interview section features valuable information from decision makers from Custom Filterz, BugMuncher, Task Pigeon, Chris Benjaminsen Blog, Making Sense Of Cents, Jobrack, and If No Reply.

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