Trans-dermal application quickly replacing pills as a form of supplementation

DHEA Clinic announced the availability of their new supplement cream products, which are all-natural and promote better health and aging. "DHEA Cream" beginning February 14th 2019. More information can be found at

Discerning consumers looking for ways to take supplements besides taking pills, will soon be able to rub-in their vitamins and other supplements through all-natural creams that let active ingredients absorb directly into the skin via trans-dermal supplementation. Health and beauty supplement creams made to promote better health and aging will soon be available for purchase from the San Diego, CA area based clinic. “We created these products for ourselves and thought there would really be a market out there, so we brought it to the world,” said their COO, releasing details of their supplement cream development.

Our Creams are designed to appeal specifically to middle-aged people and health enthusiasts and include:

All-natural bio-identical ingredients – This feature was included for fast, trans-dermal absorption into the skin. This is great news for the consumer as virtually none of the product is wasted, unlike pills that break down in the digestive track.

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the business website at

They use bio-identical active ingredients, nothing synthetic. This was made part of our product because the majority of the other products available use synthetic ingredients, which are not as effective. Discerning consumers who buy supplement creams should enjoy this feature because health is the number one asset for most people.

The products comes in an easy to dispense pump bottle with about a 3 month supply – our clinic made sure to make this part of our development as a way to easily proportion dosage. Customers will likely appreciate this because it lasts longer than most over-the-counter pill bottles.

Their founders when asked about their supplement creams said:

“A large number of our customers are repeat buyers because of the benefits they’ve received”

We have over 20 products that we’re going to be releasing release over the next year. “We created these products for ourselves and thought there would really be a market out there, so we brought it to the world.” Their COO is particularly excited about this release because “they fill a void in the marketplace that’s over-crowded with cheap synthetic ingredients from overseas. Ours are made in the USA and are always all natural.”

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here:

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