Trains Energy Efficiency Erex Software To Measure & Reduce Costs Launched

A new piece of software has been launched that helps to accurately measure energy consumption by trains, making it easier to improve energy efficiency. Developed by Norwegian company Eress, it is pioneering the industry in Europe.

Eress, a Norwegian non profit organisation committed to the development, implementation and supply of the energy settlement solution called Erex, is helping the railway industry to forge ahead into the 21st century. Erex is a software that helps to promote energy efficiency and will help to calculate the energy consumed by trains in a more concrete way.

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The railway industry, which has been known for fast trains, the development of maglev trains, and for its easy of use and energy efficiency in comparison to other means of transport. However, there is still room to improve energy efficiency.

Improving energy efficiency for trains and railways means reducing energy consumption itself, which will in turn allows for the cost of energy to be reduced in addition to the emissions of pollutants.

This is an important issue despite the fact that rail transport is already more efficient than most modes of transport. One key method for achieving this goal is in looking into advanced technologies, and this is what Erex represents.

In the past, the entire global railroad industry has been calculating energy based primarily on guesswork. This involves old formulas, including charting the distance travelled, the weight of the train, the gradients, the train’s maximum speeds, and loading and stopping patterns.

Because of the amount of variables included, it’s very difficult to accurately measure the exact amount of energy consumed. Erex is helping to transform this situation by eliminating the guesswork, allocating and validating with accuracy the precise amount and cost for energy each train has and is consuming in real time.

Director of Eress Norway, Mr Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen, said: “We can now confidently say that Erex is fully market tested and we are the foremost standard bearers in the area of using energy metering and settlement to accurately bill energy consumption on trains across Europe.”

Full details of the software and how it can help are available on the URL above.

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