Training Collar Small Dogs Barking Product Released

A new type of training collar for small dogs has been released by Our K9, a training collar specialist. This new collar combines sound, vibration and shock collar technologies in to one collar giving the pet owner the choice of correction used.

Our K9, a dog training collar specialist, has released a new bark collar for very small and small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahua. This new type of bark collar is a combination of a sound, vibration and shock collar in one allowing the pet owner a choice of correction method to curb unwanted behaviours in their dog.

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Our K9 are specialist manufacturers of bark collars and remote training collars, making collars for all sizes of dog from toy breed to very large dogs. The site explains that they stock nine different types of K9 pet safe collars including vibration, shock and sonic collars. The site states that training dogs with dog treats alone does not always work, especially when they are young and are quick to forget. The collars are designed to consistently and safely train dogs, especially when it comes to excessive barking.

The multi-function K9 remote collar for small dogs is designed with advanced RF technology giving the user a large range of up to 800 yards. The user friendly modern design is worn like a normal collar by the pet and is waterproof and rechargeable, as is the user handset. The FCC and CE certified collar allows the pet owner to use the appropriate level of correction for their dog and there are three levels of correction to choose from which are sound, vibration and shock modes. The handset is the same size as a iPhone 4, is backlit for easy night time operation and is fast and easy to recharge. It also allows the owner to switch easily between manual and automatic modes.

These training collars are designed to help stop unwanted behaviours in dogs such as excessive barking, food aggression, lack of recall, excessive jumping and aggression with other dogs and people. The site explains that the collar will fit most dogs between 15lbs and 100 lbs as it is fully adjustable from 7 inches to 27 inches. The durable collar can be worn for extended periods and can be washed in warm soapy water to keep it clean and hygienic.

Our K9’s website also has several dog training manuals available to purchase alongside the collars and cover all aspects of dog training from the basics through to specific problems and issues such as separation anxiety and obedience.

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