Trainee & Experienced Gas Oilfield Jobs Careers Finder New Site Launched

A new oil and gas jobs and careers site has launched that compiles a list of industry jobs available and allows candidates to search for and apply for work online. It can be used by job seekers, employers and recruiters.

A new site has launched that gathers together the latest oil field and oil rig job opportunities and lists them in one place, so job seekers can find all the information they’re looking for. It allows users to sign up and search for free, with a number of high salary jobs available, and also displays the latest news and information within the industry.

More information is available on the Oil Jobs Board site at:

The Oil Jobs Board site can be used by job seekers, employers, and recruiters. All people have to do when they sign up is to select which category they fall under, and provide the necessary information. Employers can submit their jobs with just a few clicks, while recruiters can browse through all the available jobs and their candidates using the search tool available on the site.

Anyone looking for jobs in the oil and gas industry can upload their resume as well as edit and amend it using the simple Oil Jobs Board system. Once this is done, they can be searched for themselves and discovered by employers and recruiters who are looking for candidates with their skill set and expertise. There is a powerful search engine that job seekers can use to find jobs, filtering results by category, location, job type and salary, and after registering they will receive job alerts directly to their inbox.

Once someone has signed up to the Oil Jobs Board service, they will have their own personal dashboard where their highlighted jobs will appear, giving them twenty four hour access to career resources, jobs news, and tips for applying. Because their resume will already be uploaded, the Oil Jobs Board website describes how easy it is for people to apply for jobs online.

Oil industry news is reported on regularly, with recent topics including the effect of the Canadian wildfire on the business and insights into the crude oil extraction business. The site underscores the importance of prospective job candidates staying up to date with the latest news when applying for jobs in the oil and gas industry.

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