Trailer Video of Dan Hollings’ The Plan Released Ahead of Official Launch

A trailer video featuring the founding members of The Plan by Dan Hollings has been released to promote the official launch of The Plan in December 2021.

A trailer video has been released to promote the upcoming December 2021 official launch of The Plan, which is shaping up to be one of the biggest launches in the internet marketing / investing space.

The Plan creator Dan Hollings and his team are pulling out all the stops to reach as many people as possible leading up to the launch, and the trailer video is just one of many promotional pieces that they have prepared. The trailer video showcases some of the founding members of The Plan talking about what their experience has been like since joining The Plan back in May 2021.

The video explains how the automation technology that makes The Plan possible – namely the algorithmic trading bots – were once only available to high end institutional investors in the traditional stock investment world. Crypto has leveled the playing field in this respect, opening up the doors for everybody to get in on the action, regardless of background, profession or geography.

This is represented clearly by the diverse group of people assembled in the trailer video from all walks of life, ranging from accountants to change managers, software engineers and comedians spread across different countries. All of them were part of the very first beta group that Dan put together, and all of them have seen great success with their trading bots.

The video makes the point that it is not rocket science because all the founding members are ordinary people, not expert traders, and all they had to do was to follow some simple steps to set up the automation software.

According to founding member Sarah Sternberg, it only took her 3 minutes to set everything up. After that, the bots started to wiggle their way to profit minute by minute. Another founding member Marcus Lim, a software engineer, makes the point that the profits by themselves are not huge – they can be as small as 20-30 cents per transaction. However, he also notes that there can be as many as hundreds or thousands of such transactions happening on a given day, and so over time, the profits do add up substantially.

Another member from the core team, Daniel Hall, likens it to having a cup under a leaking faucet, which in no time at all will become full of water, drip after drip after drip. Other founding members include Grant Harding and Hazel Smith, who both express the same sentiment of fun and excitement from watching how much profit the bots have made while they were sleeping.

This is why another founding member Stephen West describes The Plan as the closest thing to true passive income that he has seen as it is mostly set and forget. Just ask founding member Anthony Hall, also featured in the video. He says he likes having the weekends to himself as the bots do all the hard work minute by minute.

But the last word goes to Dan Hollings. Dan likes to quote Malcolm Forbes, who said that “the hardest work of all is doing nothing” because most people have a tendency to want to fiddle and make things better but with this, “the less you do, the better it works”. Dan himself has been ‘doing nothing’ for over 3 years, while the bots have brought in millions for him in that time.

It was too good to simply keep it all to himself, and so at the urging of his close friends, Dan decided to share it with more people, starting with his inner circle of friends and family members, who all started making money in a very short time after following Dan’s instructions.

Then he started taking in complete strangers in order to prove that The Plan could work for anybody as long as they followed some simple steps, and these are the people featured in the trailer video. Since sharing The Plan with his inner circle of friends and family members as well as the founding members, Dan has been hearing stories of changed lives as a result of people following The Plan.

His hope is that the trailer video will help to inspire even more people to take action and join The Plan when it launches, so that they too can change their lives by following in the footsteps of all the founding members in the video.

Changing lives is what really matters to Dan in the end. After all, Dan has been in the business of teaching people how to make money online and set up online businesses for more than a decade. The Plan is by far the most passive system that Dan has come up with in his many years of teaching people how to achieve financial and time freedom.

There will be people who are skeptical of his claims, and certainly investing of any kind involves some risk, so it is important to consult with a certified financial advisor or planner beforehand. However, the results and positive experiences of the founding members of The Plan in the video speak for themselves.

The good news is that The Plan will be made available to the public at a fraction of the $10k cost that each founding member had to pay to be early adopters. Demand for this program has been astronomical and is expected to break records when it opens for a limited time in early December 2021.

For a detailed look at The Plan, visit founding member Marcus Lim’s review of The Plan by Dan Hollings, which also includes the trailer video and many more resources.

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