Traffic Gen Solutions Searches For A New Home For Brooklyn Traffic Network

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Traffic Gen Solutions is looking for a new dental implant specialist to partner with for their qualified traffic marketing brand, the Tooth Implant Pros of Brooklyn.

Traffic Gen Solutions is a marketing services company out of New York City. They specialize in helping health professionals drive more qualified traffic to their web properties. Although the company was started in 2019, the origins of it’s history go back to 2011. It was in the spring of that year Marketing Director, Marcus Roman, began providing qualified traffic to local businesses.

In the beginning, he said he worked with any business that would work with him. In time, he began to lean more towards the medical side of local marketing. The idea of helping people solve a medical issue appealed to him. By 2013, he had built up a network of websites, and web properties, that would collect leads for dentists in different fields. The root canal leads would go to general dentists. The Invisalign leads would go to orthodontists. The dental implant leads would go to periodontists, or prosthodontists.

It was during this time he created the network that would power the Tooth Implant Pros of brooklyn brand. During those days, the links they were using were coming from Private Blog Networks, or PBNs. Although PBNs are still being used, they are nothing like the sites we used to see from 2005-2014. It was in 2014 that Google laid the smackdown on PBNs by deindexing thousands of them. This caused a mass exodus of SEOs from the industry, claiming SEO was over.

According to Marcus, there have been several moments in time when SEOs thought SEO as a traffic driver was done, and they were wrong every single time. This is not to say that the traffic volume produced back then is the same volume produced today. This is not true at all. Ten years ago, Maps had seven listings, and there were ads all over the search results page. The search engine results page, or serp, was crowded, to say the least. Even still, more of the traffic leaned towards organic. Today, Maps drives the majority of local traffic. If a marketing agency wants to become a major force in their industry, it is imperative they harness the power of Maps.

Even with decreased traffic volumes, organic search still drives an incredible amount of traffic. This is because even though the crowd has changed their selection process over time, the overall amount of traffic has increased. This is due to more technology being available to more people, and today more people are online than at any other time in history.

Being conservative, a complete dental implant, which includes the abutment and the crown, will cost $3,500. We have no way to determine a dentist’s profit margins, and according to Marcus, dentists have a hard time discussing the subject. Even still, we can use the power of thirds to come up with an estimation. For every $3,500 a specialist brings in for a dental implant, one third of it goes to office expenses, one third of it goes to marketing, and the last third is profit.

One third of $3,500 is $1,155. Let’s round it off to $1,000 to keep the math as simple as possible. It costs $1,000 to produce enough leads to produce another dental implant. This means the dentist paying $2,500 for leads is going to produce at least 2 implants, and possibly a third, the following month. While the implant specialists who work with Traffic Gen Solutions are charged $1,000 a month for access to the Tooth Implant Pros network. For $1,000 a month they get 20-23 contacts, as opposed to 10-15. When the math is done, it’s easy to see why their service is as valuable as it is to a specialist not interested in setting up their own marketing system.

With the Implant Case Generation System set up through the Tooth Implant Pros brand, an implant specialist could produce anywhere from 5-10 cases a month. Even if it was only two cases – the math still works out for the implant dentist. And it is with this value, the team at Traffic Gen Solutions is armed to go out and recruit the best fit for their business.

With a smaller traffic source dedicated to dentures, and locations set up for neighborhoods in Brooklyn like Sheepshead Bay, Greenpoint, and Bay Ridge, the Tooth Implant Pros of Brooklyn’s traffic is designed to help any Brooklyn-based implant specialist drive more qualified prospective patients to their practice.

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