Traditional Funeral Services Provided to Anaheim, California

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In the modern world, cremation has increasingly become the preferred option for families’ death care needs. While it is true that cremation tends to be a more economically affordable type of disposition, traditional burial is still a popular option for families. The methods by which traditional funerals comfort the bereaved are numerous although cremation is on the rise. Mountain View Mortuary, Cemetery, and Crematory located in Altadena, California and serving the residents of Anaheim, California as well as surrounding areas is an expert in providing affordable traditional funeral services. To learn more about the funeral services offered by Mountain View Mortuary, Cemetery, and Crematory in Anaheim, please contact them at (626) 794-7133.

Families that have chosen direct cremation as the final form of disposition for their loved ones have often reported feeling a lack of closure. The deceased is cremated as soon as possible. There is no time for families and loved ones to unite in their grief. Loved ones lose their chance to pay their respects to the deceased.

The rituals of traditional funerals offer families and loved ones the opportunity to come together and grieve their loss. Funeral rituals are unique to each individual culture, religion, and family. They are often handed down through the generations. Thus, serving as a link between the generations. Furthermore, funerals establish the personal and social significance of the deceased. This acknowledgment of what the deceased meant to the bereaved is the first step in the grieving process. By doing this, the bereaved can recount the important memories of the deceased and grieve accordingly. Also, funerals allow the community to support and comfort the bereaved. It is not unusual for members of the community to visit with families after they have suffered a loss. Funerals creates a socially acceptable environment where the bereaved can mourn. One can cry and grieve as much one likes at a traditional funeral. Funerals allow loved ones that live some distance away the time to plan so that they can attend the funeral. Theodore A. Rando wrote in How to Go on Living When Someone You Loves Dies, “Funerals are not to benefit the dead, but the living. They have a number of unparalleled therapeutic benefits. As a rite of passage, the funeral assists you in recognizing the passing of your loved one, supporting you as you start your life without the deceased, and reintegrating you back into the social group as a person whose loved one is no longer alive.”

Other than offering emotional and community support. Funerals are viewed as the most socially acceptable form of disposition. Many religious denominations still prefer traditional funerals. The Catholic church, which for centuries vehemently opposed cremation now permits Catholics to be cremated, although the church prefers Catholics to be buried. Support of cremation varies among Protestant denominations. Some reluctantly support it but prefer burial, while others are completely against it. Judaism and Islam are both completely against cremation

Nestled below the picturesque San Gabriel Mountains above Pasadena, Mountain View Mortuary, Cemetery, and Crematory is a location unmatched in Southern California. Mountain View Mortuary, Cemetery, and Crematory is one of the few remaining family-operated cemetery/mortuary properties in the area. Their tradition of service was established in the nineteenth century, yet offers the full personalized service made available by today’s technology

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