Traditional Burial and Funerals Provided to West Valley City, UT

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Wiscombe Memorial provides quality and economical traditional burial services to West Valley City, UT. Many families find solace in the experience of this frequently selected format of final arrangements. Generally, the service for a traditional burial is a tribute to the life of the loved one. Often, it incorporates a short sermon delivered by a clergy member who strongly influenced the life of the departed. Perhaps this service will have common funeral accessories present, such as funeral flowers, a memorial picture frame with a recent photograph of the deceased and a register book for guests to sign. Also, the majority of traditional burial ceremonies include a eulogy delivered by a special friend or relative and other memories shared by fellow mourners. The traditional burial can be further personalized by having musical accompaniment and reading selections that the loved one took pleasure in. Wiscombe Memorial offers customized burial services and many other valued offerings. Please learn more by visiting

Traditional burial services usually intend to impart feelings of comfort and hope to attendees. Oftentimes, there are many references to the departed being in a better place. Traditional burial ceremonies usually occur over a two-day period, having three well-defined events. First, there is a viewing, visitation or wake. At this point of a traditional burial ceremony, the loved one’s casketed physical remains may be displayed for several hours. Family and friends have the opportunity to see the body and pay their final respects.

The funeral service follows the viewing, and this is when the officiant and relatives and friends of the departed participate in a formal celebration of his or her life. This is when music is performed, scripture and literary passages are read, prayers are said and hymns are recited. This event usually takes place in a church.

The last step is the interment, when the loved one is buried at their place of final disposition. This act can include a committal service, which is a brief ritual featuring prayer that occurs at the graveside after the funeral service. The funeral directors of Wiscombe Memorial have been serving families for 26 years and are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate traditional funerals and burials at affordable prices.

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