Tradespeople Pay Per Lead Alternative Customer Subscription Services Launched

A new app has been launched to bring together consumers and home service providers and tradespeople. ServiceHerd is affordable and overcomes the issue of paying costly per pay lead services.

ServiceHerd is a newly launched app designed to connect service providers quickly and efficiently with consumers. It is offered as an alternative to traditional paying per lead services, which may not respond to the growth and financial expectation of modern professionals.

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The latest announcement aims to provide professionals and small business owners throughout the world with a convenient, cost-effective way to connect to more consumers.

The price per lead with most standard services range from $15 to $150+ per lead. By contrast, ServiceHerd is subscription based with unlimited leads for $25 a month.

While traditional platforms may charge 5 – 7 providers for the same lead, ServiceHerd allows providers to choose if interested directly from customer request.

Finally, rather than being simply a pay-per-lead platform, ServiceHerd is building a community where providers and customers affordably connect directly and seamlessly.

The newly launched app is offering the first subscription based customer-provider connection service for $25 per month, with the first request being free. The aim of the app is to build a community of connections for all service providers working across all industries, regardless of whether it is their full-time occupation, or they are a freelancer.

ServiceHerd is built on the principles of integrity, transparency, and affordability. It will help consumers to overcome the problem of finding a service provider quickly and efficiently. The expert team behind ServiceHerd recognize a key issue today is that many people use social media platforms to find providers and get recommendations.

But there is no go-to directory for all industries. Many small businesses, freelancers, and those with a side hustle find it hard to compete with large companies because of the high provider fees. For those people who are self-employed, they may not be able to afford or want to pay for high pay per lead services.

The vision behind ServiceHerd is to overcome the problem of finding a reliable service provider by utilizing a marketplace whereby customers can choose from available and interested providers. Filtering options to match the consumers specific requirements and budget will make the process efficient and transparent.

To keep the process straightforward and affordable, it consists of six steps: simple selection, instant connection, schedule, complete, pay, and then review. Reviews play an important role on the platform. ServiceHerd allows providers to display all their current online profile and reviews to give them instant credibility. This will enable small businesses and self-employed individuals to flourish and attract more work. To incentivize people to partake, a reward program called HerdPerks will be launched alongside the platform.

A company spokesperson said: “ServiceHerd offers service providers of all industries a new way to work. An affordable monthly subscription with unlimited direct connections for providers will eliminate deceptive and dishonest pay per lead fees that cannot guarantee a return on investment.”

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit the website above.

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