Track My Stack Health Management Symptom Tracker App Announced

A new health management app has been announced by Track My Stack, a website specializing in health conditioning and symptom management. It is expected to help improve treatments for patients and progress medical research.

A leading online symptom management website has announced the launch of a new mobile app to help take health conditioning, symptom management and treatment regimes to a new level. The Track My Stack app will condense the web platform’s features into an easy to use, manageable application for Android, focusing on people with chronic conditions.

More information can be found on the Track My Stack website at:

Track My Stack is an all in one symptom, health condition, and drug adherence management software program to improve treatments for patients and people with health goals.

The website keeps users’ treatments open if they wish, terming them stacks, and donating all of the data to researchers in an effort to progress medical research for free.

Additional features include Care Giver View, which lets doctors and professionals see how their patients are doing privately, and allows them to provide feedback on any issues that arise within a treatment.

The company says their app will be the world’s easiest and most sophisticated treatment management app for Android, helping to bring medicinal research and treatment management into the modern age.

Both the site and app will allow users to manage their health from start to finish, regardless of their goals. They can improve their outcome with reminders, tracking, and journaling of the entire process.

To do this, users will create a care plan (known as a ‘stack’), which contains supplements, medicine, exercise, nutrition, and anything else they might be taking to reach their health goal or manage their health conditions. It also includes recording calories for the day, anxiety levels, mood and symptoms they experience throughout the day.

The next step is to record and manage the progress through the platform provided, which makes it easy to document and track changes to each element outlined in the user’s original plan.

Once the results start coming in, users can optimize their regimen (or ‘stack’), changing what they need to in order to improve their outcome.

Any interested parties with questions or concerns about any stage of the process can get in touch with using the contact form provided on the site. The app is set to be released pending review by Google by August 20th, 2016. However users can begin creating stacks on the current web interface and sync data with their phones when the app is released as all data is stored securely in the cloud.

Additional Information keep a symptom journal or diary can also be seen here:

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