Track Health Symptoms Manage Chronic Conditions Lifestyle Diary App Announced

TrackMyStack has announced an expansion following a a growth in its user base. It will be launched a new mobile app, and has announced two new hires. The app will allow users to measure their progress to healthier living on the go.

Health monitoring and tracking company,, has announced a series of expansions following a growth in its user base. The company will launch a new mobile app this year allowing users to track and manage their chronic conditions. TrackMyStack has also asked two highly accomplished people to its advisory board as part of the expansion: Dr Rave, who owns and operates a series of rehab clinics throughout Toronto, and Mr. Sardana, who has worked at Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network.

More information can be found on the company website at:

TrackMyStack is a web based portal for patients and primary care providers to monitor, track and improve patient entered health symptoms based on individual care plans, called stacks. As a clinically validated program, it lets patients manage over 200 health conditions and symptoms.

Now through the new app, users will be able to track their medication adherence, supplements, vitamins, symptoms, chronic illness, nootropics, mood, sleep, stress levels, pain, anxiety and any other filter they would like to search through.

The TrackMyStack website explains that the portal uses stack as a synonym for a regimen, remedy, routine or treatment, or an exercise undertaken to reach lifestyle goals or to manage personal health issues.

The company explains that the first step to reaching a lifestyle goal is to build a stack, so that the user can go on to manage their symptoms and chronic conditions effectively. Benefits of using TrackMyStack include the health diary feature, which allows users to write down whatever they feel is important as often as they like, and the ability to create goals and measure achievements as they strive to meet health goals.

Refill and adherence reminders will help mobile users to stay on track and ensure they don’t miss key stages of their treatment stack. Information will be presented through a series of visuals that let users easily evaluate how well they are adjusting to a more healthy lifestyle.

Full details of the new app launch can be found on the company website, where interested parties can also get in touch using the contact form provided.

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