TPE v. PVC: New Market Research Predicts Rise in TPE Manufacturing

Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE has replaced rubber in many ways because it can be easily stretched without deforming the shape of the product. It is highly durable and can withstand ordinary wear and tear, unlike products that use PVC.

Rhode Island, United States – September 30th, 2014 /PressCable/ —

Why choosing a TPE yoga mat is healthier and the environment. The sun is setting on PVC, and everyone should be grateful for that. New market research shows growing demand for TPE products.

9/20/2014, Providence, Rhode Island – Plastic used to be just plastic. There were no acronyms like PVC or BPA. However, as people have become more educated, they've taken their knowledge to the yoga mat, demanding products that are better for the environment and their health.

Yoga mats like the NOW Athletics ECO TPE Yoga Mat have taken this trend to heart, developing mats created with TPE, thermoplastic elastomer. Not only is TPE recyclable, mats like this one also have more stability and cushioning than PVC mats. Furthermore, they're easy to clean and hard to destroy. Anyone who's owned a PVC mat knows how quickly they need to be replaced. TPE mats can also be produced without toxins, so there's no lasting odor.

The demand for TPE is booming and just this week, Transparency Market Research said the market will exceed $15 billion dollars in coming years. TPE is rapidly replacing PVC not only in yoga mats, but in medical products and car parts as well. Even Greenpeace sees the value in TPE, rating it far lower on the “pyramid of plastics.”

Yoga is all about health—about finding space inside the body and connecting through the breath to the physical self that relates all yogis to one another—millions of people across the globe. Nobody wants to leave their practice wondering what's been leaching into their feet, and nobody wants to replace their mat knowing that the one they discarded will sit in a landfill for the next millennium.

NOW Athletics believes in being present with every breath and in releasing thoughts about the past and future. NOW provides affordable yoga for all, embraces environmentally friendly production methods, and believes in creating a bright future by taking mindful action now.

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