Toxicity Mastery Course Teaches How To Interpret Great Plains Organic Acids Test added a bonus module on interpreting the Great Plains Organic Acids Test. This lecture teaches health care practitioners how to interpret the OAT test to assist patients with health issues related to environmental & chemical Toxicity. Toxicity Mastery Course starts October 30th, 2017.

Environmental and chemical toxicity is a big threat to the health of every American citizen. Each year, an estimated 1.2 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the air and water in the United States. That includes approximately 80,000 different chemicals, with little or no oversight. Chemicals are a big part of many products thats are used daily; like adhesives, ceramics, electronics, plastics and petroleum. U.S. Agriculture uses numerous chemicals to preserve foods and to make them resistant to common pests. The impact of these chemicals on the environment and on people’s health is just beginning to surface. There is a rapidly increasing rate of people suffering from the effects of both environmental and chemical toxiciy.

Treating environmental and chemical toxicity is critical in arresting the damage done to the human body. To assist in training health care practioners in testing and treatment for Toxicity, Integrative Medicine Academy has launched Toxicity Mastery Course, a comprehensive, online treatment training course for healthcare practitioners and physicians. One element of the course is determining which testing is most effective in identifiyng toxic exposure in a patient. Today, a bonus module, entitled “How to Interpret Great Plains Laboratory’s Organic Acids Test (OAT Test)” was added to the curriculum, along with downloadable handouts to assist in test interpretation.

“I am very excited to add this bonus module on interpreting the results of a Great Plains Lab OAT Test for Toxicity Mastery Course attendees. Environmental and chemical toxicity issues are fast becoming a major issue for many patients, and the more knowledge health care practitioners have on how to combat these issues can dramatically improve the lives of their patients and clients,” says Dr. Kurt Woeller, creator of the Toxicity Mastery Course, and Medical Director of the Integrative Medicine Academy. “The first step in health intervention is always education, and with the OAT test, health care practitioners are provided vital information on a patient’s health. Armed with the knowledge provided by the OAT test, practicioners can immediately begin to treat specific issues patients may be having ,” says Dr. Woeller.

The Toxicity Mastery Course is a comprehensive online course, featuring practical, and time efficient material for physicians and other healthcare workers who want to gain knowledge about various biomedical options to combat the effects of environmental toxicity. In addition to the live lesson modules and Q & A sessions, the course includes access to a private online forum run by Dr. Woeller, where physicians are provided on-going support while they learn. Those who complete the course receive a certificate of completion, and are eligible for CME/CEU credits. starts October 30th. Healthcare Practioners can get more information at

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