Towson Commercial Real Estate Developer Focuses On Community, Retail & Mixed-Use

Towson, MD based commercial real estate developer and investor, DMS Development LLC, helps local Baltimore County communities by providing needed retail and mixed-use development.

Of the many variables that factor into commercial real estate development projects long before construction starts, community benefit is a priority for DMS Development, LLC, headquartered in Towson, MD.

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Due to the complexity of locating and purchasing available commercial real estate while working to provide development that benefits local communities, the necessary estimating, planning, and coordination begins years in advance. There are many up front costs involved with every project which require developers to incur heavy financial risk.

Companies like DMS development have been successful in recent years because they’ve focused on working with local residents, businesses, and municipal governments to make sure they provide significant value to the existing community.

DMS partner Wendy Crites is very familiar with the initial cost and risks involved to her company. She brings over 25 years of industry experience to find ways not only for local communities to thrive, but also for her company to continue to be a vital, profitable benefit to every community they serve.

“When we look at an area as a possible location for improvement, we ensure there’s tremendous value to the community”, states Ms. Crites, one of three principals at DMS. “So not only are we looking at what residents and businesses need from one of our projects, we make it a point to limit disruption for the duration of work prior to building any new establishment.”

Recent studies show that in successful cities, projects focus on the needs of the local constituents. And small scale, mixed-use main street retail encourages walkability, helps generate a sense of local community, and provides an anchor and stability to people of many different incomes and cultures. (Source: Pendola, R., and S. Gen. 2008. “Does ‘Main Street’ Promote Sense of Community? A Comparison of San Francisco Neighborhoods.” Environment and Behavior 40 (4):545-74.).

Notes Ms. Crites, “As growth and change continues in areas like Baltimore County, Maryland, well-planned mixed-use and retail projects can support employment trends, improve community lifestyle benefits, and revitalize the way of life expected of the area’s commercial and private residents.”

DMS and their project partners put up significant initial investment including hiring experts to assess long-term sustainability and environmental factors, cleaning up existing ground contamination, studying community impact from increased traffic and parking, and planning accessibility from existing roads and infrastructure.

DMS works with leading local architects to formulate visual representation of their plans, often creating several detailed versions over the course of years leading up the project. These renderings and plans help municipal government approvers, local residents, and businesses envision the outcome of projects and contribute their input to how each project is planned and executed.

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