Tourism Authority Ian R Clayton’s Latest Post Reveals How to Recover from GoogleTravel

Building on previous post by MHAT, Ian R Clayton charts Googles growing influence in the travel market place. Clayton shows how this has affected hoteliers and TOs and offers suggestions and strategies to recover from falling off of search.

Bridgetown, Barbados – September 8th, 2014 /PressCable/

A recent post by MarketingHotelsAndTourism (MHAT) showed how Google had become supplier and competitor to a host of hotel and tourism companies; an unprecedented position for any media company and one that may not be sustainable. Clearly it is hurting hotels and Tourism Operators (TOs) who are losing business because of the new Google strategies in travel, such as Google Travel.

The post looked at exactly how Google got to where it is today, how it started and how it went off track to compete with its original client base and organic search services. The Blog charts the evolution of search and more recently how Google moved into travel marketing with its own carousel, maps, dedicated hotel search (Hotel Finder) and many new tourism marketing initiatives.

The post also offers suggestions on how to meet the challenges of the future and get more direct bookings. All of this is outlined in the post on the Evolution of Google's Organic Search and its growing role in hotel and tourism marketing. For details see GoogleTravel at

Author Ian R Clayton has now started a new series to help hospitality and destination marketers understand what needs to be done to win back direct business lost by the favored placement of OTAs and Google's own products at the top of search results for destination specific terms likes hotel and accommodation.

Kathy-Lynn Ward COO of AXSES SCI says, “hoteliers don't immediately see how GoogleTravel could be harmful to their business or how search is competing with them. This blog post outlines the steps of how Google has evolved from search to be a full-fledged digital media company with all the power to persuade and influence travel-buyers as the broadcast media once had.”

Ward also points out that more is planned as MHAT will soon share strategies and case studies of what works now. “In upcoming posts, MHAT will share what local hotels and tourism operators can do to gain back position and authority in search results and build more direct business”.


The website was founded in 2010. It is known for providing professional tourism advice and training online.

AXSES SCI Barbados is the Tourism Development arm of AXSES INC. It has been commended by Google for its applications based on Google Maps and was the first to build a Facebook Booking Engine for independent hotels. AXSES SCI is also the creator of Visual Tourism Marketing Technology, a personality and behavior responsive system for travel planning for Destination and Tourism Association websites.

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