Totable Moving Company Relocation to Raleigh NC Announced

Totable brings its modernized moving services to the Raleigh, NC area. Totable moves a few bulky items up to entire homes. Businesses can use Totable to offer delivery services to their customers.

Moving company Totable, Inc. announced it has moved operations from Charlotte to Raleigh, NC. Its services will cover the entire Triangle area. The influx of residents and businesses to the popular region will create opportunities for strong growth. Individuals, families, and businesses of the area will benefit from the quick and easy online experience of Totable’s modern moving process.

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Totable was created in Raleigh, NC in 2016, and from the beginning believed it could improve and simplify what it considered an outdated and inefficient system. Far too much time, effort, and money were spent in setting up a move with traditional companies. Totable started by investing in great people with passion and expertise in technology and customer experience. Those folks then got to work re-engineering the process from beginning to end, creating what they consider to be the modern alternative to traditional moving services.

“Moving is an outdated and challenging experience for busy individuals. After experiencing that firsthand, the Totable team got to work reinventing the end-to-end process, with the goal to make it extremely easy to get moving and bulky delivery assistance. People need convenience, simplicity, and reliability, particularly when moving or hauling bulky items,” said David Wallace, Founder of Totable Inc.

Totable has embraced that opportunity, putting moving and delivery help at customers’ fingertips. Moving can be a frustrating and stressful experience, but Totable is on a mission to make moving and furniture delivery a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Born in Raleigh, Totable has come back home to deliver its modernized version of the moving process. Now Triangle area residents can quickly start their moves with a simple click. More information on Totable can be found at the link above or call 919 424-1498.

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