Toronto’s LW Accounting Services Firm Introduces “Bookkeeping As a Service”

LW Accounting Services Firm is dedicated to use its pool of experienced accountants & bookkeepers to find ways of cutting overheads and multiplying business growth incomes. The firm is a major proponent of "Bookkeeping as a Service" program for Small & Medium Sized Businesses.

Business bookkeeping activities are increasingly becoming a complex task. With the governments changing taxation regimes every financial year and creditors demanding updated financial records, this important pillar of running a business is giving most a businessman sleepless nights. Sounds alarmist, right?

This is where firms such as LW Accounting Services come in handy as they automate client’s bookkeeping systems and save tens of hours which would otherwise be spent going through the company’s books of account. The accounting firm has a staff of Certified Public Accountants and Certified General Accountants who take over the functions of balancing the business financial accounts. This gives clients time to concentrate on core business activity.

LW Accounting services understands that if a business is going to succeed, it must use all its available resources generating wealth and not doing routine tasks. Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a way of falling into this trap. This is why the firm concentrates on this segment of businesses, and thus helps them leverage their time on growth activity. In essence, every business intention is to create value for its customers. To do this, a considerable amount of time must be spent in developing products and services that meet the requirements of the customer.

LW Accounting guarantees its customers that they will have nothing to worry in the finance department. All suppliers will be paid on time, tax returns submitted when they are due and payrolls executed at the end of the month.

Jerry, a dentist clinic owner in Toronto Area is one of the satisfied customers that have used the firm’s services. “”My life would have been that much better if I knew about LW Accounting’s Bookkeeping as a Service 2 years ago. I appreciate all the extra time I have to actually build the practice,” he says.

Lei Wang, the owner of LW Accounting Services says that his company helps customers achieve paperless work environment. “”We have developed a system for Bookkeeping that utilizes innovative technologies that easily integrate into Client’s workflows,” says Mr. Wang.

Accounting as a service is a model that saves small business from cost of employing staff. Imagine the kind of savings the business would be making if it was not paying accounting staff’s salaries and benefits as well as creating and equipping office space for the accounting department. More savings are to be realized in consumable expenses such as paper, office tea, printer cartridges, office rent and many more. Couple this with the benefits of using experienced certified public accountants and the potential users start to realize why “accounting as a service” is the way to go for the business bookkeeper needs.

LW Accounting Services Firm is dedicated to use its pool of experienced accountants and bookkeepers to find ways of cutting the overheads and multiplying business growth. The firm is a major proponent of Accounting as a Service program for SMEs

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