Toronto’s Hair Clinic Compare, Rate Scalp Micropigmentation vs Tricopigmentation

Simulating hair follicles through tattooing is a popular method for those suffering from hair loss. Toronto’s Hair Clinic Compares & Rates SMP® Scalp Micropigmentation vs Tricopigmentation

Simulating hair follicles through tattooing is an increasingly popular method for those suffering from hair loss. The two major methods used are SMP Scalp Micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation. Toronto’s Hair Loss Clinic gives their recommendation which is a better choice.

Making the decision to undergo hair tattooing to recreate a hairline and other missing hair is a decision that should be an informed one. One of the biggest questions can be which of the two most popular methods to have performed, SMP® Scalp Micropigmentation or Tricopigmentation for the best results. The good news is an authoritative opinion on the subject is available. Toronto, Canada experts in the area Hair Tattoo Clinic recently took a close look at the subject, revealing which they consider the best option and why. This information is sure to be found valuable by many considering the procedure.

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“Both of the options are breakthroughs when it comes to options for someone suffering from hair loss they would like to cover up,” commented a spokesperson from Hair Clinic. “That said in most cases we feel SMP Scalp Micropigmentation is the better option for those looking for a long lasting solution.”

According to the clinic, the main difference between the two options is that Tricopigmentation uses an ink intended to being to fade in a few months, requiring further sessions to redo the process in a year or two. While SMP Scalp Microgimentation uses safe ink which can go for over ten years before needing a touchup. With that said, the option is always open for SMP Scalp Micropigmentation to be removed using tattoo removal processes, something which is easier to do than with tattoos on other parts of the body, since the special ink does not go much further than the skin level when the initial tattooing is performed.

The price of Tricopigmentation should also be looked at closely. While often less expensive than SMP Scalp Micropimentation at first glance, this does not account for the need for more frequent touchups. When these are factored in SMP Scalp Pigmentation is certainly more attractively priced.

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