Toronto Waldorf School Academy Education Math Specialist Hire Announced

Waldorf Academy of Toronto announced the addition of math specialist Catherine Vincent to its team who will help their Making Math Meaningful curriculum, offering an engaging math education.

Waldorf Academy, a Waldorf school based in Toronto, announced the expansion of its staff with the addition of Catherine Vincent, a math expert specializing in grades 5 to 8. The announcement is part of the school’s efforts to provide modern math education based on Waldorf principles, helping its students develop both a sound theoretical understanding and practical skills in applying mathematical concepts to real-life problems.

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Catherine holds a B.Ed. from OISE/UT in grades six to twelve math, with qualifications in Guidance, Special Education, and ESL. She values learning models which are student-directed, experiential, and based on problem-solving and real-world applications. Catherine believes in programming that addresses the whole child not just in academics, but also in the personal and social realms.

“I have a deep appreciation for how Waldorf education approaches each student as a spiritual being on a sacred journey,” says Vincent.

With the addition of Vincent to its team, Waldorf Academy continues to invest in the development of innovative math education for its students.

Waldorf Academy strives to change the relationship new students have towards math by encouraging them to develop real-life problem-solving skills based on the newly learned theoretical concepts. Waldorf Academy uses the Jamie York approach, focusing on providing high-quality education adapted to the individual needs and preferences of each student.

“As the admissions manager, I was often surprised to learn from parents on tours that their children were not required to memorize the timetables and could use calculators at a very young age in the public school”, says Jennifer Deathe, admissions manager at Waldorf Academy. “90% of our new admissions come with a math phobia, and often it developed as early as grade 2.”

Waldorf Academy uses the Jamie York approach and the Making Math Meaningful curriculum, targeting the essentials of the development of both theoretical and practical mathematical abilities.

Rather than using lengthy textbooks, the approach is based on helping children develop a love of learning through the teacher. By empowering educators to create a love of math in their students, the Making Math Meaningful curriculum is significantly more efficient than traditional approaches.

Parents and students interested in learning more about the Waldorf Academy programs can join the Open House on October 27th.

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