Toronto Waldorf Academy October Activity Filled Creative Open House Announced

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An Open House has been announced at Waldorf Academy in Toronto, allowing interested parties to find out more about the unique teaching methods available. It is an action packed day filled with insights, storytelling and more.

A Waldorf Academy Open House has been announced for October 27th, where parents and teachers can attend for information on childcare, kindergarten, and grades 1-8 in Toronto. Faculty, students and parents will walk attendees through the school, giving them an overview of the unique curriculum that cultivates students’ inner curiosity, turning wonder into wisdom.

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Free special events are taking place for children to experience as well, including storytelling at 10am. In the grade one class families can enjoy a short fairy tale, and see how storytelling is a unique Waldorf teaching method that can be applied throughout early childhood.

At 10:30, there is bread breaking, and in the kindergarten families can participate in a bread breaking activity. This is a whole brain sensory learning experience for the children.

At 11am there will be a Middle School overview, where interested parties can explore the faculty and explore the concept of children learning to think beyond themselves. It’s here where they develop a fearless need to question authority and explore innovative thinking.

The Open House event is packed with activities that showcase the creativity behind the school and its unique teaching methods. Families play an active role in the school, and many special community events round out the enriching school year.

Waldorf Academy has over 30 years’ experience in educating young minds, with students ranging from Pre-K through to Grade 8. It is known for its unique, stimulating and nurturing approach to teaching with a proven education model focusing on a range of different elements.

These include creativity, emotional intelligence, resilience and perseverance. An emphasis is placed on helping children to develop independent and critical thinking, as well as using the arts and creative play across the full spectrum of subjects.

Full details of the Open House can be found on the URL above, and interested parties can find out more by getting in touch on 416-962-6447.

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