Toronto TRICHOLOGY CENTRE Open SMP Scalp Micropigmentation & Hair Loss Treatment

TRICHOLOGY CENTRE FOR SMP SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION and HAIR LOSS CLINIC offers a permanent camouflage hair tattoo procedure and certified Trichologists to assess hair loss condition and treatments.

TRICHOLOGY CENTRE FOR SMP® SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION (Richmond Hill and Toronto) is a professional Scalp Micropigmentation clinic that offers a permanent camouflage procedure that can drastically improve you confidence and improve the way you look if you are suffering from male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss, scarring alopecia, and other hair loss conditions.

Often called Hair Tattoo, SMP® Scalp Micropigmentation is nothing like a regular tattoo. SMP® requires a technician to apply the specialized technique using a multitude of different needle sizes, penetration depths, angles, pigment colours and distribution rates. It really is an ART form to recreate the natural look of your hair and scalp prior to you losing your hair. It is only performed by trained specialists in the art of SMP® Scalp Micropigmentation.

What sets apart from other SMP® clinics is in their training. Trained in The United Kingdom by the original innovators of SMP® Scalp Micropigmentation, Ian Watson of internationally-recognized His Hair Clinic. Ian developed, trademarked, and perfected the SMP® process over 17 years ago and the treatment performs is widely regarded as the best in the world, thanks to Ian Watson. SMP® is a safe and affordable alternative to costly and invasive hair transplant surgery. Many men going bald cannot do hair transplants due to financial costs or not enough donor hair (from the back of the scalp). For women, their hair loss is diffused, with the scalp showing through all over. SMP® can help make the hair look thicker and hiding visible scalp areas.

TRICHOLOGY CENTRE FOR HAIR LOSS (Richmond Hill and Toronto) is a professional hair loss clinic that has certified Trichologists to help you assess your current hair and scalp conditions and offer recommended hair loss treatments.

Some of these treatments include AAPE non-surgical approach to hair loss, which uses a non-invasive procedure with Advanced Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Protein Extract to encourage new hair growth and slow down hair loss. Also available is laser for hair growth using Theradome Laser Hair Therapy. Theradome is a FDA and Health Canada approved laser helmet to reduce hair loss, thicken existing hair, and help renew and grow new hair with regular use.

Residents in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, and surrounding areas looking to discuss what options they have for their hair loss condition can contact the TRICHOLOGY CENTRE for SMP Scalp Micropigmentation and Hair Loss Clinic at 647-492-9093. They can also schedule an appointment online at or

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