Toronto Relationship Therapy Videos Launched By Rob Peach Psychotherapy

A new YouTube channel has been launched by Toronto based relationship therapist and social worker Rob Peach. It will be regularly updated with new videos breaking down key issues on a range of different topics related to intimacy and relationship.

Registered social worker and relationship therapist Rob Peach has launched a new YouTube channel to discuss issues and details related to relationships, intimacy and seeking help. The Toronto based psychotherapist has been interviewed and featured for his expertise in the area of intimate relationship therapy in numerous national and online media outlets, and the YouTube channel is the latest venture to impart helpful relationship and intimacy information.

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Current videos on the channel include an introduction to psychotherapy, and a video specializing in relationship therapy, where the Toronto therapist covers important information in an easy to follow way. New videos will be added on a regular basis, so interested parties can stay up to date.

Rob says that it can be hard to talk about concerns people may have when it comes to personal and intimate interests and behaviors with other people. For this reason, finding the right therapist can help to develop skills to manage more effectively, and the YouTube channel created by Rob is designed to help people develop an understanding that change is possible.

Sometimes people are too reluctant to discuss their most personal needs and desires, and the lack of communication can lead to further problems, while other times past abuse in relationships can make relationships in the present more difficult.

Rob discusses these matters non-judgementally and sheds light on these topics using the benefit of his experience grounded in research and clinically proven interventions.

Rob explains that his approach to treatment is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT. This is based on the idea that while it may not be possible to control spontaneous thoughts or urges, it is possible to control how these thoughts are managed.

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