Toronto, ON, Life Insurance Money-Back Policy – Online Premium Quote Launched

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Canadian Life Insurance Guides (1-888-709-1001), a trusted brokerage that caters to consumers in Toronto, Ontario, has launched an expanded set of money-back plans.

With the latest move, the company provides clients with policies that reimburse their premiums after a set amount of time. As such, people get coverage during the critical years of their life and be rewarded for their financial diligence later on.

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This upgraded selection of money-back policies was designed to make insurance a more rewarding experience. Once the premium payments are returned, people are free to use them however they wish.

Most insurance packages are meant to cover the worst-case scenario: death. However, a money-back plan is the exact opposite as it gives the insured something to look forward to.

Canadian Life Insurance Guides works with only the most trusted national insurers that have an excellent track record of coverage. Moreover, it has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau — a testament to its impeccable service.

Since a money-back plan is essentially a term life insurance package, it is markedly more affordable than whole-life options. It can also strategically cover a person during their peak earning years, then serve as a supplement to their retirement funds. The lump-sum payout after the maturity date can likewise be used for travel, home renovation, or as capital for a new business.

To make estimating premiums easier, the brokerage has a no-commitment quotation tool on its website. Users simply need to input preliminary details about themselves and their lifestyle, after which the most suitable policies will be shared.

About Canadian Life Insurance Guides

Canadian Life Insurance Guides understands that life can be unexpected. As such, it offers insurance packages that are not only affordable but also comprehensive. In addition to Toronto, the company serves clients in other communities of Ottawa, London and Thunder Bay as well.

A spokesperson says: “Life insurance solutions are useful in making sure that your family is financially protected and that you have peace of mind. At Canadian Life Insurance Guides, if you purchase a policy, we want money to come back to you or your beneficiaries.”

Interested parties may visit if they need further details about the broker and its services.

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