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Toronto-based mortgage broker Daniel Char recently updated his range of services for real estate investors and homebuyers looking for competitive B and C financing options.

Over 99% of Canadian real estate investors and home buyers are completely unaware that traditional banks are not their only option when it comes to securing financing for their investments. In fact, many Canadians actually exhaust this Option A and do not realize that B and C Financing are available and easy to secure (if you work with the right person).

This is where Daniel Char comes in. Daniel, who is a mortgage broker in Richmond Hill, Canada, announced the launch of an updated range of real estate investing financing and home financing solutions. The experienced broker serves clients in The Greater Toronto Area including Toronto itself, Newmarket, Keswick, Hamilton and Niagara Falls.

More information can be found at where Daniel shares deeper insights into securing financing for both real estate investing and private residences.

The newly launched real estate investing financing and home financing solutions by Daniel Char aim to help clients find the right lender for their unique needs.

When Canadians want to finance their real estate deals or buy their first homes, they have different options for financing. They can choose from A financing, B financing and C financing.

However, many Canadians are not aware that B and C financing solutions are possible and they often exhaust the opportunities available to them with big banks, also known as A lenders.

Daniel Char is an experienced mortgage broker who has the knowledge and expertise to help real estate investors and home buyers choose the right B and C financing options for them. He is able to find the most suitable B and C lenders for individuals and businesses that have been turned down by A lenders.

With his help, homebuyers and real estate investors can get a home loan from B lenders such as smaller banks in Canada or C lenders which include private lenders. Daniel Char has access to a wide range of B and C lenders who are not available to the general public.

With the recent announcement, the independent mortgage broker is dedicated to assisting his clients in refinancing their home, purchasing a property, or even consolidating debt, regardless of their income or credit challenges.

A satisfied client said: “Daniel is a very knowledgeable, professional, and pleasant person to work with. He rendered his services efficiently and in a timely manner. He has given his services above and beyond our expectations. We will absolutely reach out to him if need arises in future and highly recommend him!”

More information can be found at

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