Toronto ON Early Child Education Center – Emotional Intelligence Program Updated

Early Years Education System (EYES) (416-901-5434), an education program for young children based in Toronto, ON, has updated its services with innovative common-sense strategies in a holistic teaching environment.

With the goal of helping to educate children holistically, this education program provides its updated services in a friendly daycare setting to focus on developing emotional intelligence and values in addition to social, physical, cognitive, and intellectual skills.

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Children throughout the greater Toronto region can now participate in a wide range of age-based programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary schoolers.

Studies show that early childhood education has a strong impact on the long-term development of children. Socialization, in particular, is a key component in the education of young children so that they learn critical skills like listening, sharing, and taking turns with others.

EYES recognizes that emotional intelligence and adopting values happen early in life and are as important as cognitive and intellectual skills.

To aid in the development of the child as a whole, EYES has developed age-specific programs that focus on activities that help a child master the skills for that age.

The infant program offers early socialization and stimulation, as well as activities that include sensory-based materials. Children in the toddler program are encouraged to explore their surroundings, with indoor and outdoor play according to each child’s interests.

The preschool program at EYES uses a variety of approaches, including Montessori, to help prepare children for kindergarten.

Special needs children receive both classroom and one-on-one attention to meet goals specified by social workers.

EYES founder Naila Saeed’s mission is to help children be healthy and happy. After gaining a Master’s in Public Administration over 20 years ago, she started a career in daycare because of her passion for children. Her team at EYES now numbers over 65, but the company maintains a small business atmosphere.

Since giving back to the community is an important part of the EYES philosophy, they work with non-profit organizations to help reduce poverty. In addition, they frequently visit seniors to brighten their days.

A satisfied parent wrote, “Naila’s two-fold approach really worked great – first, by allowing my daughter to experience the excitement of learning by her own choices and secondly, by helping her to perfect all her natural tools of learning.”

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