Toronto ON CISO/CSO Cybersecurity Recruitment Service For C-Suite Execs Launched

Recrewmint (1-888-732-7398) has tailored a niche service aimed at C-suite executives. The specialist security recruitment company, which is based near Toronto, ON, has increased its revenues 1,000% during the global health crisis. It is well placed to help organizations find a Chief Information Security Officer.

The newly launched service from Recrewmint is timely as the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently issued an emergency directive. It relates to Log4j vulnerabilities. Recrewmint helps agile security organizations around the world, whether they are hiring an engineer, manager, or cloud security expert.

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While cybersecurity skills are important, Recrewmint understands organizations want to speak to well-balanced candidates with interpersonal and communication skills alongside business acumen, which is why the company has launched its specialist security recruitment services for c-suite executives.

The company recognizes the demands of the role and how the industry is changing. For instance, André Tehrani, a partner at the company, often appears on podcasts to help potential candidates and organizations alike. In one episode, André explains why Recrewmint considers application security to be one of the most important skill sets this decade. More information is available here

As a specialist security recruitment company, Recrewmint is well placed to match qualified candidates with global organizations. The company has witnessed first-hand the rise in demand for cybersecurity skills, particularly in application security. This growing trend will continue as hackers increasingly exploit digital weaknesses and vulnerabilities in infrastructure as code.

Recrewmint helps clients avoid embarrassing cybersecurity breaches by introducing them to the right candidate. Aside from reputational damage, losing data through hacking and other cybersecurity crimes can have both financial and ethical implications for companies. Especially if they are found to be handling data incorrectly.

As part of the recruitment process, Recrewmint uses proven talent acquisition assessments focused in cybersecurity to evaluate candidates and determine their suitability. This includes psychometric testing. This approach ensures management teams and candidates are compatible and know how to nurture a security-first culture in their recruiting.

The company works with global organizations in a range of industries, from management consulting to venture capital, digital banking, internet and computer software. It also works with those in IoT and Biotechnology.

A company spokesperson said: “We fulfill human capital gaps in web application security, product security, and policy compliance. We leverage a vast global network of security talent to provide clients with a diverse and highly niche pool of candidates in agile security.”

“We help clients evaluate go to market strategies, based on thorough knowledge of the cybersecurity talent ecosystem,” they added.

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