Toronto ON 3D Virtual Interactive Tours HD Showcase Services Launched

Lightbound 3D has announced its updated services to provide people with virtual staging and tours of properties with Matterport photography in order to showcase spaces to prospective buyers.

Lightbound 3D has recently updated its 3D virtual staging and virtual tours services in Toronto, Ontario, for companies looking to highlight and promote properties and spaces during the current pandemic situation.

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The Virtual Services from Lightbound 3D aims to give clients the ability to showcase their properties digitally with high-definition Matterport Photography tours. The services can also optimize and furnish properties that are empty or have undesired furniture still in place with Virtual Staging.

In the current pandemic landscape, the ability of prospective buyers to be able to visit a property has become increasingly difficult due to lockdowns and social distancing restrictions. This lack of hands-on viewing can make selling properties challenging, with companies seeking new and innovative means of showcasing their spaces. Lightbound 3D is aiming to solve this problem by providing clients with interactive and high-definition photography and 3D tours for spaces that can provide prospective customers with interior scans and virtual staging solutions.

For the virtual tours provided by Lightbound 3D, the Toronto-based company uses 4K HDR 3D photography to capture the look and feel of the photographed spaces. Lightbound 3D’s design team then uses the images, along with detailed floor plans, to create complete virtual Matterport tours of properties. These tours are able to give prospective buyers an interactive tour that can be accessed 24/7 making them ideal for the current climate and also for year-round digital viewings.

Lightbound 3D can also assist clients whose properties are currently in need of updating, have unwanted furniture in them, or are empty and need some furniture to improve their showcasing. By providing virtual staging solutions, Lightbound 3D can digitally optimize a property’s photos to either remove existing furniture or add newer and more stylized items to increase its selling appeal.

The virtual staging and tours services from Lightbound 3D are available throughout the Greater Toronto Area during the current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and are currently offering free estimates for people looking to showcase their spaces.

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