Toronto Early Years Learning | Emotional Intelligence Childcare Centre Updated

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Early years education centre, EYES Child Care (+1-416-564-0731), in Toronto has launched service updates for the 2022 term, using active learning techniques to teach children from across the Greater Toronto area.

The new from the centre work to develop children’s emotional intelligence from an early age, with care available for children aged six weeks up to 12 years.

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EYES Child Care’s newest learning innovations focus on empowering children alongside educating them, in a revolutionary two-fold approach.

The centre provides an environment designed to stimulate children’s social, cognitive, and intellectual skills as they grow, offering a positive space that helps them to develop their own interests as well as educate them in early years studies. Balancing creativity with knowledge and physical activity, children are able to thrive and grow amidst their peers, in a well-rounded education system that helps them to discover who they are.

Each child at the centre is treated as an individual, as well as a member of the group, with the understanding from their teachers that everyone has different learning styles and works at their own pace. Children are encouraged to pursue their own interests and given the freedom to do so to develop skills and abilities that can be carried over to other activities.

Core subjects such as mathematics, languages, science, and literacy are started at an early age with EYES Child Care, and are taught using engaging group discussion techniques that encourage independent thought and exploration. Children are also encouraged to self-regulate, with active times and quiet or rest times included in their day-to-day routine.

On the creative side, the centre’s curriculum makes time for arts and crafts, music and singing, and sports in pursuit of improved critical thinking skills from a young age – an excellent foundation for later education. Classes also include practical skills such as simple chores that prepare children for the real world, as well as discipline-oriented activities such as yoga and meditation.

“Great school and extremely happy with the care that Cheryl is getting,” said one satisfied parent. “We can see the huge difference after we changed her to the EYES. She seems to be getting much more attention, learning a lot more things and seems much happier. Naila seems to be natural with children and you can definitely see the passion in the way she runs the school.”

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