Toronto Carpet/Oriental Area Rug Steam Cleaning and Maintenance Announced

Steam Kleen (+1-416-801-9393) based in Toronto, Canada, announces its updated carpets and rug cleaning services to improve indoor air quality and thereby, health. They steam clean using pressurized steam, with immediate and complete moisture extraction.

Steam Kleen based in Toronto, Canada, announces its updated rug and carpet cleaning and drying service, using high-powered steam. This in turn will improve the sanitization and air quality of the room and therefore contribute to better health.

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With the announcement of its updated service, this company provides customers with an effective means to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. This is important during the current world health crisis. Research shows that the virus causing the current pandemic can live for days on floors, carpets, and other surfaces.

According to Steam Kleen, dirty carpets and rugs increase the chances of people being exposed to germs and viruses. In addition to those prone to respiratory illnesses, dusty carpets can trigger allergies and viral infections even in healthy people. In air-conditioned buildings, dust can travel through the air ducts and impact even uncarpeted rooms.

This company advocates regularly cleaning and sanitizing floor furnishings to improve air quality indoors and eliminate allergens and bacteria. Their philosophy is that clean carpets contribute to eliminating pathogens that could be brought in from the outside at any time, by footwear, bags, sports equipment, and so on.

In addition to the health benefit, regular cleaning and maintenance enhances the quality and improves the life span of carpets. Some carpet manufacturers do not uphold their product warranty if their carpets are not regularly cleaned as prescribed.

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Whether a rug or carpet is made of wool, silk, or mixed fibers, it is always a high-touch zone. This is more so in homes with small children or pets. Deeply embedded dust, soil, food, and even small objects will need to be removed and the Steam Kleen team carry out a thorough dirt removal process with compressed air.

The next step is steam cleaning and a highly pressurized solution is injected into the pile of the carpet and immediately extracted completely with a vacuum system. The extraction process dries the cleaned surface in a few hours. A final protective coating made of Teflon is then applied.

Steam Kleen has years of experience with floor furnishing of different kinds. They pay special attention to silk rugs to preserve the natural sheen and to wool to prevent shrinkage.

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