Reveals Their Top Performers for January 2014 a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for January 2014.

TRP recognizes Kathleen Vallejos as a top professional in Marketing and Consulting.

"Presenting yourself as an author or speaker with media authority establishes your credibility as the obvious choice in an indistinguishable sea of options. Hard work and referrals are simply not enough to launch your business to the top."

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TRP recognizes Shayne Hall as a top professional in Digital Marketing.

"Next to personal referrals, search engines are now the typical way clients identify and choose professional service providers...medical, legal, home services, and everything else. Search engine visibility and marketing can be THE difference between business success and failure."

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TRP recognizes Richard Powell as a top professional in Information Services.

“With over 25 years of corporate experience to draw on, Richard Powell is well equipped to assist local business owners in establishing their online presence. His use of custom web sites and social media pages makes a company's online presence as striking as that of their physical location.”

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TRP recognizes Ellen Finkelstein as a top professional in Presenting & Marketing.

"Your presentation represents you and your business Your presentations should be as professional as your website and brochure. But more than that, you need to know the simple techniques for creating persuasive presentations, whether you are presenting in person or via webinars."

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TRP recognizes David Sharpe as a top professional in Marketing & Consulting.

"What happens when you position yourself as a media-recognized Authority in your field? You become The Best Possible Solution in your prospect's mind. Even better, when people think of you as an Authority, so does Google."

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TRP recognizes Donald McGuire as a top professional in Growth Companies.

"The new technology products coming to market today, especially those related to mobile, will increase the quality of life for our next generation. These emerging companies deserve the best advice in relation to capital, governance and managing their growth. Their success will drive our economy."

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TRP recognizes Deon Bryan as a top professional in Reputation Marketing.

“Following 10 years service in the British Army, Deon discovered the limitless potential of internet marketing. 13 years later, he applies his expert knowledge and communication skills to helping local business build a 5 star reputation online, and leveraging that reputation to get more customers.”

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TRP recognizes Larry Herring as a top professional in Information Technology.

“I worked with Larry for several yrs. & I can recommend him highly.Larry is a innovative thinker,a creative problem solver,a motivated and high-energy individual contributor and mgmt. staff member.He has always exhibited a high level of professional communication skills and is very customer oriented.” – Kathleen Hughes

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TRP recognizes Lou Hampton as a top professional in Presentation and News Media

“With 30 years experience coaching Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, and authors, Lou knows that "if you want to stop viewers from clicking the remote, grab them by the throat with an intriguing and compelling quote. Without carefully crafted quotes (or sound bites) you're DOA at the interview." – Charysa L.

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TRP recognizes Beth Kellman as a top professional in Creative Design

“My innovative design strategy, use of color, clean lines, bold typography and artistic vision positions my client’s Brands as an example for others because they receive the recognition of media authority.” – Who said it

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