Announces Top Performers for June 2014. a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for June 2014.

TRP recognizes Esperanza Rey as a top professional in Transformational and Spiritual Educator.

“Esperanza Rey has been doing Transformational and Spiritual coaching for over 15 years. Her pioneering techniques, presented in a clear and comprehensive manner, are what make these strategies unique, effective, and powerful. Esperanza’s unique perspective is called "multidimensional functioning.”

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TRP recognizes Walker Clark as a top professional in Sales, Self-Development and Peak Performance Coach.

“Walker Clark is a renaissance man, actor, instructor, coach, writer, & amateur philosopher. He grew up in upstate New York, where he was a skilled pole vaulter & hockey player. After graduating from Duke University, he studied theater, worked in finance, and then moved to Hollywood.” Frank Partnoy

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TRP recognizes Mark La Buda as a top professional in Professional Mobile Media consulting..

"It's 100% about being positioned as the "Go To Authority" to Increase your Perceived and Realized Value in your Marketplace or Field. Being seen as the Authority in your Business is the #1 most Significant and Important Factor to Dominate your Competition and Increase your Monthly Cash Flow."

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TRP recognizes Alan E. Waite as a top professional in Motivational Speaking.

"Baby Boomers are the last generation of Americans taught the central social construct - to be a person of faith and good character; in other words, the historical vision of what qualities constitute the American character — integrity, honesty, hard work, faith, love of freedom, and civility."

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TRP recognizes Bill Sparks as a top professional in business valuations, cash flow modeling and capital budgeting.

“Positioning oneself as an authority in your target market is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value in the marketplace.”

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TRP recognizes Marketing Dominance as a top professional in Business Marketing.

“Did you ever notice the three toughest problems in your business? 1. Lack of great leads, sales and high profits.2. Lack of consistent winning marketing. 3. Lack of tracking results. We solve this! We leverage hidden assets to double your profits in 18 to 24 months!”

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TRP recognizes Sandra Dean as a top professional in School Leadership Mentoring.

“Author, Speaker, award-winning Leadership Mentor - Dean inspires thousands to awaken to their unique leadership capabilities and become the leaders they were born to be. Her book, Hearts and Minds: A Public School Miracle teaches leaders to turn around their schools and achieve amazing results.”

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TRP recognizes Brian Blauvelt as a top professional in Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings.

“Commercial boiler owners can save 10-15% in heating oil costs while reducing boiler emissions by 70-80% with Energy Innovation Works' Exxon/Nalco Chemical-developed technology, BoileRx®, being launched into the global heating oil markets, starting in the Northeast US.”

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TRP recognizes Jack Shandra as a top professional in Internet Marketing for Local Business.

“It’s A Very Competitive Market out there and you’re only as good as your Search Engine Results. Once accepted as our client, we Guarantee and Achieve Google Page 1 placement for your Business. Our proprietary methodology gets you found on Internet searches for your selected search term.”

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TRP recognizes Kathy Ventures as a top professional in Internet Marketing & Education

"Our Mission is to assist people by providing answers and solutions to their common computer problems. KPS Ventures, Inc. has over 35 years’ experience providing services." and solutions with the installation and training of both individuals and corporate clients."

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