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TRP recognizes Ron Blaise as a top professional in Engagement Marketing

“Most Facebook fanpage managers know Facebook shows less than 30% of their fanpage posts & updates to their fans & followers. Typically, you'd pay Facebook to promote your post to reach more of your fans. With Ninja Notifier, you can instantly communicate with all of your Facebook fans & followers.”

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TRP recognizes Angelo Rinaldi as a top professional in Social Recognition.

“Having Media Authority is instant social proof of credibility. Credibility is the most important thing to have in this always-on, everything-connected world. One of the easiest ways to stand out in a crowd of your peers is to get Mass Media Credentials.”

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TRP recognizes Dave Gale as a top professional in Internet Marketing.

“Internet marketing is one of the best ways to to get leads, sales and grow any business whether online or offline.”

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TRP recognizes Brenda Trott as a top professional in Media Marketing.

“Attraction marketing is about people finding and being attracted to you as a business. Today's consumer wants to do business with people, not logos or mascots. The more human a business owner looks, the stronger the attraction. Using a logo on a social profile is like wearing a bag over your head.”

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TRP recognizes LauraMaciuika as a top professional in Consulting - Mindset Mentor and Psychologist.

“Solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs get overwhelmed and stuck because they have not learned the self-leadership skills to become the leaders their businesses need them to be. The Inner Business Plan™ helps match their personal growth with their business growth to create success from the inside out.”

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TRP recognizes Maggie Holbik as a top professional in Coaching

“Gaining Media Authority is one of the single most powerful strategies a business or a brand can use to stand out from the crowd.”

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TRP recognizes Daniel Yamane as a top professional in Online Reputation Marketing/Internet Marketing.

"Providing proactive solutions to protect and market online business reputations to generate more customers."

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TRP recognizes Corbin Stewart as a top professional in Local Business Marketing.

“Let's face it; digital marketing, social media, and managing your online reputation can be lot of work. That's where Growth Hacker Consulting comes in, we're the one-stop shop for local businesses who want to stay on the cutting edge of the internet age.”

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TRP recognizes Wes Tool as a top professional in National Mortgage Lending.

“Success and failure is more often than not reputation. Every company has problems. The difference between 5 star companies and the rest, 5 star companies run to problems not away from problems. 5 Star companies don’t hide, 5 Star companies solve problems. Loan Simple exemplifies a 5 Star company!”

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TRP recognizes Kacy Clark as a top professional providing services core to ARM development.

“For a business to thrive in today's economy, it must have ARMS: Authority in its marketplace, Reputation management to keep things in a positive light, a Mobile-optimized website, and a Story to help build relationships with its customers and clients.”

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