Top Toy Trends Help Propel Success of Click-A-Brick Building Toy Sets

The success of Click-A-Brick’s building toy sets can be at least partially attributed to the toy fitting into two of the top toy trends for 2015. Both the ‘maker movement’ and the ‘open-ended play’ trends have helped spur sales of Click-A-Brick.

The team behind building toy Click-A-Brick says the predicted toy trends for 2015 have played a significant role in the company’s success to this point in the year. Trends announced near the beginning of the year included the ‘maker movement’, which saw toys that enabled children to create things on their own, and ‘open ended play’ toys, which are described as toys having no set rules or boundaries to adhere to.

As a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) toy, Click-A-Brick has benefited from parent’s desire to give their children more educational toys that will help stimulate cognitive development in them and potentially spark an interest in one of the STEM fields. But, also being a toy that allows children to create whatever they want has put Click-A-Brick in the STEAM category, which adds Art to the STEM mix.

Along with toys like Compose Yourself, which allows kids to ‘write’ symphonic pieces of music, and the Roominate series of toys, which encourages children (particularly girls) to design and build structures that include electrical circuits and lights, Click-A-Brick’s ability to foster kids’ imaginations while providing them with fun and helping with their cognitive development has seemingly struck a chord with parents who have embraced the maker movement trend for this year.

Another trend for 2015 that has played a role in the company’s success, Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say, is the ‘open ended play’ toy trend, which includes toys that have no rules or boundaries attached to them. Being a building toy that lets children make whatever they want, Click-A-Brick fits into the open ended play dynamic, along with toys like classic Lego and Learning Resources’ Gears! Gears! Gears!. These toys are said to give children an outlet to just be able to relax as they play without having to follow specific rules associated with the toy. They are also said to be good for kids who live structured lives where all their time is accounted for with various activities, as these toys help them understand that play and life in general can be unstructured.

The company founders say while it was unplanned, the timing of the trends have been helpful in establishing the Click-A-Brick brand.

“There is something to be said about timing,” Smith said. “We just set out to offer what we felt was a good educational toy and managed to catch this wave of enthusiasm about toys that kids can use to build things and toys that don’t have any defined parameters with them. I kind of wish I could say we did meticulous market research and we saw these trends coming and that was the impetus for starting this company, but the truth is it was just serendipity that we managed to be offering the right toy at the right time and parents have responded.”

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