Top Survival Water Purification Systems with Bottles, Filter, Charcoal, & Straw

Survival Water Filters now provides in-depth reviews of water purification systems for survivalists, travelers and disaster preparedness.

Nature lovers, survivalists and well-prepared homeowners can find top quality water purification systems available for review and purchase at

Survivalist water purification systems are not limited to usefulness during times of emergency. Hikers and campers can also utilize these water filtration systems to reduce the amount of gear required to have safe water to drink during hiking or camping trips. 

Survival Water Filters offers in depth reviews of multiple types of water purification systems, particularly human-powered or gravity-powered water purification bottles with their own internal filters. 

Ser Millis, owner of the Survival Water Filters website offers these insights about why everyone should have a survival water purification system: “Water is vital for survival in any situation, but particularly in emergencies such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes or other storms. Because the power is often unreliable in these situations, it can be impossible to boil water for purification. In some instances, when the water is cloudy or muddy, boiling can’t help. That’s why we recommend human or gravity-powered water purification systems. The water bottles are especially recommended for travelers as well as anyone that needs a reliable source of clean water.” 

Survival Water Filters offers in-depth reviews of multiple water filters including: 

– Lifestraw Survival Water Filter 

– Katadyn Survivor 35 Desalinator / Survival Water Filter 

– Sport Berkey Portable Water Purifier 

– Katadyn Vario Water Filter 

– Sawyer SP181 PointOne All-in-One Water Filter

The filters in these reviews are largely portable, meaning they can be taken on trips or used as part of an emergency preparedness kit within the home or in a vehicle. The various pros and cons of each water purification system and device are explained in detail for those who need assistance in narrowing down their options.

Individuals interested in finding out more about water purification as well as the current best-rated options available for water purification systems are encouraged to read the reviews on the website:

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