Top Success Coach Launches Motivational Ministry to Combat Rising Social Unrest

The current rise of the nation's crisis requires its citizens to overcome their individual challenges and contribute their God-given talents to rebuilding a hurting country. PSM exists for this.

Economic and social unrest, both previously and recently, has led to multiple conflicts around the world. As uncertainty continues to spread across the globe, millions of people find themselves in a state of panic–wondering if the delivery of another stimulus check and mainstream access to vaccines will provide a glimmer of hope for businesses and people who have been seriously impacted by COVID-19.

While the country faces one of its greatest challenges–the ability to overcome the restlessness and upheaval pursuant to injustice, racism, and thousands of people’s unrelenting commitment to social duress–many individuals, from all backgrounds and social classes, believe a positive shift is imminent. Despite the prevalence of chaos across multiple mediums, these optimists see beyond the appalling and unacceptable acts of the outraged and impassioned few. Among such supporters for unity and positive change is Ellard “L” Thomas, the founder of Power and Success Ministries.

Power and Success Ministries is a virtual motivational ministry that’s dedicated to ensuring financial, spiritual, physical and emotional well-being and growth for the community. For many people, it has become an avenue to rebuilding faith and finding purpose.

“Power and Success Ministries,” says Ellard, “focuses on helping people with overcoming the personal and professional challenges that block their path to living their best lives.”

“In today’s social climate,” Ellard continues, “too many people are running to arms–ready to annihilate each other because they’ve lost sight of the true enemy. Oftentimes, your fellow human isn’t the enemy, but rather, it’s fear and the detachment from personal purpose. All of us are hurting in some way, shape or fashion. Yet, it’s important that we find ways to get healed, reconnect to our greater selves through God, and seek ways we can use our talents to provoke our country to its truest form of greatness. This can only happen when people are motivated and inspired to overcome their personal struggles and start living the lives they desire and deserve!”

By leveraging the power of Scripture, empowerment strategies, self-help training, motivational messages, and consultative practices, Power and Success Ministries aim to help millions of people with living their lives as God intended–in Power and Success. On these foundational pillars, the organization strives to make positive impacts on individuals, whom will then, change the world–for the good of everyone!

If you are looking for ways to overcome your current hardships, and have the desire to live a life of happiness and personal success, we urge you to visit Power and Success Ministries and jumpstart your path to a brighter future!

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